Family Photos!


My sister just so happens to be an amazing photographer. No joke. You can check her out HERE especially if you are in the Puyallup area. I know I might be a little bit bias since she is my sister, but she happens to be my favorite photographer. She just has such a gift for capturing special moments. Ever since her plane tickets were bought we had been talking about doing family photos. The last time we had our pictures taken as a family I was pregnant with Lauren! So I think it was about time for us to get some done. I had been dragging my feet for a while because the girls are still so young and change so quickly. I didn’t want to fork out a ton of money to have them taken and printed for the girls to look completely different a week later. I think we may be in a phase of life where they are changing less frequently. I hope anyways! I don’t know how much more changing this Mama’s heart can take!

All this jabbering to say that my sister captured some AMAZING photos of our family. I’m already in love. I just placed an order for our first round of prints today! Yes, I said first round. If I had an endless budget I could order them all in one shot but alas I have too many favorites! I want to share a few of those with you. As long as you promise to go give my sister’s website some love and maybe even ‘Like’ her on Facebook HERE.

I love this one to pieces. I just ordered a HUGE canvas print of this bad boy for our wall. Does anyone else think it is slightly odd we hang pictures of ourselves in our own homes or is it just me?

I love this one too! Remember what I said about capturing moments? This is our family in this moment. Sure, we could all be sitting their smiling perfectly but then it would be fake. We’ve got three littles… gotta have a little character!

Me & My Baby. She is looking mighty grown-up these days!

Seriously. Those special moments? I will treasure this one FOREVER. Especially since this particular kid tends to be a little stingy in the ‘mooches’ department.

So glad this moment is frozen in time. Now if only I could actually freeze my sweet, toddler Princess in time. I hope she never grows out of her little, squeaky voice!

And this is the part of the show where Mr. tells me about how badly he needs to go and buy a gun or how we’re never letting our daughters out of the house ever again. 😉 But really. This girl is beautiful!

My girls! Love them so, so, so much.

The bigs.

My life is so much fun. 🙂

My biggest baby and I. Cannot believe she is five. They aren’t kidding when they say they grow up fast!

This guy is the love of my life. The don’t come any handsomer.

My Mother loves this one. I am still undecided. I find my husband a tad creepy, but maybe that is just because I know him too well. ha

This kid is adorable.

This is one of the new outfits she picked out for school, too, by the way. She has a great sense of fashion. With help, of course.



This is Baby in a nutshell.

Two peas in the pod!

For real. Would it be creepy if I did a collage print of only Mr. and Princess to hang up? Maybe a little? Because I LOVE these pictures of them together.

She is SUCH a Daddy’s girl. All our girls have a very special place in their hearts for their Daddy. I don’t blame them! He is one outstanding guy! Best Daddy I know!

These two. They just get each other.

Please stop growing up so fast!!

This one seriously PERFECTLY capture the chaos and adventure which is the Hays Family. Its getting blown up as well. My sister seriously is so awesome for catching this shot! I love it SO much.

I was attempting to get a shot with all my girls. They were done with pictures and the whole ‘we’ll get ice cream when we’re done’ bribe was starting to lose its factor. But I love this. Its my life. Or as my sister said, “If you ever right a book this could be your cover!” Now all I need to do is write a book! 😉

How’d I get so lucky to marry such a good looking guy??

Another one I want to have blown up for our house. 🙂

He hates how he has high waters in this picture, but I love it. He’s my funny guy always making me laugh. 🙂

Can you see why I sing my sister’s praises so highly now?? I have a billion favorites. Basically every shot she got was my favorite. I could go on and on and on. I am SO happy with our pictures. SO if you are in the Puyallup area or if you feel like buying her a plane ticket to fly to you DO IT. She is incredible and the sweetest gal I know! 🙂

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  1. What beautiful pictures of a beaultiful family. They actually made me cry with joy. I will have to pick a couple of ones I want for the “Hays Wall” in my house. Very hard to choose. Yes your sister has a real feel for getting the right pictures. By the way – how did Andy get so lucky to get such a beautiful woman – you are a gift from God to that family. Those girls are so fortunate to have both you and Andy as parents – someday they will realize what it means to be so loved.

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