Schloss Rheinfels


After our night away for our anniversary  Mr. and I decided to do a little exploring kid-free while we had the chance. Don’t get me wrong, we love exploring with our kids as well, but there are just some places that are easier (and better) to do with out kids. Since we were already on ‘Castle Road’ we decided that it would be a good day to explore some castles. We decided on Burg Reichenstein (more on that later) because Mr. has been there before and loved it and I hadn’t gotten to go. We also decided to stop at Scloss Rheinfels because we had heard great things about it, but neither of us has been.

The original construction on Schloss Rheinfels started in the mid 1200’s. It is was one of the largest castles on the Rheins, however, now a days it is ruins. Mr. and I actually really enjoyed the ruins, though! There is still enough of the originally buildings to get a feel for the castle, but it is ruined enough that you can really run around and just enjoy yourself with out crowds. My husband is oh so young at heart so this was really the perfect place for him. I think our girls would’ve done better at this castle than others, however, a super fun part of this castle is the tunnels and I don’t think that would’ve been ideal for young children. As well, some of the areas were not conducive to young children trying to climb either.

My favorite part of the day was when I went up to ask for tickets and ended up speaking half english and half german. Totally didn’t even get it until the lady asked me if I spoke Deutsch or English. Mr. was just laughing away.

One of the best things about visiting the castles on Castle Road are the incredibly views of the Rhein!

One of my favorites from this castle.

Our only non-selfie of the trip.

Another incredible view!

Having fun exploring with my favorite guy!

So when I was looking on the Schloss’ website afterwards I stumbled across a list of rules and I am pretty sure Mr. broke almost every single one of them. This would be one of those moments.

Down in the tunnels. They got a little scary at times. Some areas were SO dark we were using the flash on my camera as a flash light!

We had such a grand time exploring Schloss Rheinfels! If you would like to see more from this adventure you can view the entire album HERE.


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