Burg Reichenstein!


Last year when my Dad was visiting he, Mr., and Bug got to explore with the Ballards at some castles on Castle Road. The two castles they visited were Burg Rheinstein (which we later visited again with my aunt) and Burg Reichenstein. Since I still hadn’t seen the later we agreed that it would be a great last stop on our anniversary trip after seeing Burg Liebenstein and Schloss Rheinfels.  So away we went! It actually took us a while to find this castle despite Mr. having been here before. It just wasn’t as clearly marked as some other castles are. None the less, we finally found it! We decided to have a cup of coffee and some cake at their cafe (both of which were excellent!) and then we were off to explore!

Us at Burg Reichenstein!

Inside the castle! Basically every wall looked like this. Mr. loved it so much!

Because really, what castle is complete with out a three headed dragon chandelier?

Never a dull moment.

Break taking views.

The Castle Chapel.

To view more of our time at Burg Reichenstein you can visit the entire album HERE on our photo share site!


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