4 Years!


Well, we’ve officially survived our first four years of marriage. Not that it has been that incredibly hard. Don’t get me wrong, marriage is a lot of work! BUT when you are married to someone as  incredible as my husband it sure it worth every single ounce of work that is required. It has been an amazing four years!

We decided to celebrate our anniversary by staying the night in a castle!! It just seems so fun! And it worked out perfectly because my parents are still here visiting and they had offered many, many months ago to keep the girls so we could have a little romantic get-a-way! So thankful! I love being a Mom so, so, so much! My girls are the best! BUT I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t relish every second that I get Mr. all to myself!

We stayed the night at Castle Liebenstein! It was a quiet, small little castle. It was so beautiful though. No TV or internet meant that we had a lot of time to just relax. You know you are getting old when you are excited to get away and be able to take a nap! We paid a little extra to get the room with the Rhein view. It had little window seats and we curled up in the warm sunshine and chatted the afternoon away. We talked about how far we’ve come and all our plans for the future. It was so nice. Then, we had a romantic candle lit 5 course meal! It was delicious! Such a great time!

Our little afternoon nook with a beautiful view!

Our beautiful view of the Rhein!

Burg Liebenstein.

Our room! Super cute, huh?

The rest of the room! It was really nice! I expected it to be a bit more ‘rustic’ since it is such an old castle, but it has actually been kept up to modern standards for basically everything!

Ready for our romantic, candle lit dinner!

Even after a whopping four years our marriage is still never dull. 😉

He’s always full of surprises! haha

The best part was that I totally didn’t notice this little friend right outside our door when we came in. I about peed my pants when I first walked out for dinner! ha

My knight in shining armor! Always keeping things fun!

After our breakfast the next morning we decided to hit the road. Castle Liebenstein is conveniently located on ‘Castle Road.’ We’ve actually driven up and down Castle Road many, many times but we haven’t actually visited that many castles! So we decided to visited Schloss Rheinfels and Burg Reichenstein on our way home! (More on that later!) But first…. a few more pictures we took while heading out of Burg Liebenstein.

I couldn’t have asked for a better night away! It was perfect and definitely the best anniversary we’ve had yet! 🙂

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