Munich, Germany!


After celebrating Bug’s birthday in Playmobil Fun park our little road trip took us to Munich! Mr. and I were especially excited about visiting Munich because this area of Germany is one of the few left that we have yet to see! (We LOVE Bavaria!!) We started out our time in Munich by visiting Sea Life which is a German Aquarium chain. My parents and sister were visiting Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial at this time, but we just didn’t feel like our girls were old enough to experience that. So we decided that while they did that we would marvel at the fish! It worked out perfectly because Sea Life is located in Munich’s Olympic Park which is exactly where we had planned the spend the rest of the day after meeting up with my parents and sister.

Bug loved this shark… and she is ‘winking’ because she decided she was a pirate for the day.

This aquarium was super kid friendly. They even had little step stools that you could take along with you for the tanks that were a little too high for little eye.

When we first walked into Sea Life they had a little photo area setup and the girls got to dress up in pirate hats. (Our picture turned out super cute!) Well, we didn’t realized until half way through the aquarium that they had accidentally left them on! Oops!

They had massage chairs in this area of the aquarium that was surrounding on all sides and above by a fish tank. It was kind of cool!

Pirate Bug!

The girls loved these little fish tanks that they could stand in the middle of!

Pirate Mateys!

We found Dory!

As always in Germany there were some interesting things included… haha

And another one… at least it kept things entertaining!

This was one of our favorite tanks. Although we really had to keep our eye on Princess! She kept trying to reach in and pet the sting rays!

I think that Baby’s favorite part of the aquarium was seeing herself in the mirror.

These two just love playing the claw-machine! Unfortunately this time they did win anything. It was a little rough for Bug!

Baby was perfectly content ‘riding’ this ride with out it being on. Score one for Mama’s wallet.

If you would like to see more from our time at Sea Life you can view the entire album HERE. My honest review of Sea Life is that it is most definitely over priced. We were fortunate enough to get a discounted rate since we had purchased our tickets online. Even still, with the discount it was a little pricey. It was very nicely put together, however, it was rather small. It only took us about an hour or so to go through the whole thing. As well, they really didn’t have much to see besides fish. They had a couple ‘cool’ things like the manta rays and a couple sea horses, but nothing on the larger scale that is more typical at aquariums like sharks or seals, etc.

After visiting Sea Life we had lunch and then the girls got to jump on a trampoline for a while!

Its not every day that you get to jump on a trampoline in an Olympic Park.

It was a very beautiful park!

View of the Oympic Tower!

After meeting up with my parents and sister we headed to tour the Olympic Stadium!

Bug at the Olympic Stadium. We discovered she is a tad afraid of heights!

A glimpse of Olympic Stadium.

My favorites just hanging out at Olympic Stadium.

Olympic Stadium is HUGE just in case you were wondering.

Hiking up to the press booth.

All of us at Olympic Stadium!

My folks and sister at Olympic Stadium.

Stroller races at Olympic Stadium!

Papa’s girl hitching a ride for her tired 5 year old legs!

If you’d like to see more from our time in Olympic stadium you can view the entire album HERE.

After we toured Olympic Stadium we were all running a little low on energy. Our plan, though, was to spend the afternoon there before heading to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe in Munich. So we found some shade, all sat/laid around, and enjoyed some ice cream while we relaxed! It was really nice! Mr. and I even got a little ‘date’ while my parents watched the girls and we rode to the top of the Olympic Tower!

View from the top! We were giggling because the first view we had when we looked out was of our family! They are that little cluster of people on the grass in the shade by the trees! 🙂

View of the Olympic Stadium from the tower!

View of the athlete’s village. I believe know it is used for housing for college students.

A view out over Munich.

View of Olympic Park and Olympic Stadium.

Mr. and I on top of the world! Well… Munich anyway!

Another beautiful view of Munich!

If you’d like to see more pictures from our time atop the Olympic Tower you can view those HERE.

We LOVED Olympic Park and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Munich. For one thing, its an Olympic Park!!! How cool! For another thing, though, there is just SO much to do and see there. Not to mention that it is a park so it was a great place to let our kids run around and play, too! We loved it!

As I mentioned before, we decided to head to Hard Rock Cafe in Munich for dinner that night. I know it seems a little corny, but we have been trying to collect Hard Rock glasses as we travel around. We actually got our first one is Seattle on our honeymoon! So now it has been a lot of fun to add to the collection. One of my best friends actually sent me a glass she picked up for me when she visited Myrtle Beach recently!! How sweet is that? Anyways! My parents and sister were actually all for the Hard Rock. For one, they’d never been to one before so it was a new experience for them. For two, we’ve been dragging them to lots of German restaurants with menus only in German which has meant lots of surprise meals. 😉 They were more than happen to eat ‘American’ food.

Unfortunately, our experience at this particular Hard Rock was not the best. We’ve visited quite a few now and this one just wasn’t that great. It definitely seemed a bit more edgy than a typical Hard Rock which is fine, but just not really kid friendly. At one point they played a SUPER scary music video (with demons, devils, and other scary stuff) that was just not cool with having three little ones there. As well, their house music was a little loud. Its a rock and roll place, but typically when we’ve visited Hard Rock Cafe in the past we haven’t had to yell to hear the person sitting next to us. And THEN the icing on the cake was that they were having a live band that nice. Well, the did their sound check while we were trying to eat dinner (at 5p). It was seriously uncomfortably loud. I ended up having to actually take the girls out because they were getting upset with how loud it was. Definitely a bummer! With all that said, I was able to get out and have a nice little stroll with my girls while everyone else finished eating.

Bug enjoying her ice cream and sporting her new Munich shirt. She ‘had’ to get one because her shirt she had been wearing was wet.

Princess and her ice cream! Silly girl!

And Baby girl!

All in all we had a great time in Munich. It is definitely a HUGE city and the traffic there is no joke! I would love to go back, though, someday and see more of it!


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