Pingswang, Austria!


After we finished visiting Neuschwanstein Castle it was about lunch time. Since the castle sits practically right on the border we Austria we had talked about slipping over the border for a bit just to know another ‘country’ off my list. Let me just say, we didn’t visit our first country outside of Germany until we’d been here almost 18 months! My folks and sister visited 3 different countries (including Germany) during their first week here and we are planning on visiting two more next week! So fun! We have actually visited Austria before, although it was dark so we didn’t really get to see it. We had a bit of an adventure getting home from Rome a few weeks ago which led to us flying into Vienna and then driving back to Wiesbaden from there.

We decided on a little town called Pinswang, Austria as our destination. We love off-the-beaten-path type locations and this one fit perfectly! It was a great little place for lunch!

This was the most beautiful river I have ever seen in my life! If we had had more time we would’ve stopped and played here for a while!

Heading into Pinswang, Austria.

I know have seen the Alps in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy! So cool!

The little place we ate lunch has a huge playground! The girls were in heaven! They didn’t even end up eating lunch!

Our view from lunch. Amazing!

The restaurant we ate at. Adorable!

It was such a fun little pitstop in Pinswang, Austria!



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