Playmobil Park for the Birthday Girl!


Playmobil Fun Park is one of our very places to go! It is such a great place for kids to go and use their imaginations. Plus, our girls are big fans of their Playmobil toys and it is just so fun for them to see the life-sized versions of their favorites! So, when it came to planning for Bug’s big day (her 5th birthday) we all decided that Playmobil would be a great choice for a fun day! We also were able to have some friends meet us there which made the day extra special!

Princess the crane operator!

Bug having a blast on the slides!

Speedy slider!

Five years old, finally! She got a special button & toy at Playmobil for it being her birthday! (She got in free, too, which was another great perk!)

Even Auntie Abby got in on the slide fun!

Even Grammy gave it a go!

Papa and Baby loves the slide too!

Climbing aboard their real-life pirate ship! This is one of their favorite things at the park!

Bug climbing up to the crow’s next!

Grammy and Papa!

Captain Princess!

Sister Selfie on the Pirate Ship!

Daddy and Bug in the ship’s jail!

Rafting with Papa!

Mr. took my sister and Baby out for a spin, too!

Having so much fun!

Such a big girl!

Fun for all!

Such a silly girl!

No idea where she gets it from!

Water fun!

Will and Princess!

Bug and her buddy, Will!

Such a sweet friend! He decorated her birthday card with her favorite animals & got her the sweetest little cat!

Bug and her new kitty from Will! She LOVES it!

Such sweet sisters!

We had such a blast at Playmobil!! I can’t wait until next time! To see more from our day in Playmobil you can view our entire album HERE!

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