Bug Turns 5!


I cannot believe that my Bug is five years old already! It happened way too quickly for my liking. Despite earlier reservations, though, Bug seems to really be enjoying being five. Its not such a bad number after all! We had made plans to start a road trip at Playmobil Fun Park (one of our favorite places!) on Bug’s actual birthday and so we decided it would be best to celebrate a day early. “Birthday Girl” (as Bug called herself) didn’t seem to mind being celebrated for two whole days!

Bug’s Monster University Cake. She had specially asked for a “Randall” cake since he is her favorite monster.

Baby loves her biggest sister!

Love from Grammy whether you like it or not!

The Birthday Girl!

Never a dull moment with this girl!


Such a sweet heart!

Thanks Grandma Judi for the Panda Bears!

Papa helping Bug read her card from Grandma Judi!

Bug got a little spoiled this birthday with lots of fun Playmobil Veterinary sets! Just what she asked for! 🙂

Veterinarian X-Ray set! She is SO excited. I wonder why she likes X-Rays so much?!? 😉

All in all it was a great evening celebrating our sweet five year old! And I am so glad that we were able to have some extra family here to help celebrate with us!


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