Maginot Line at Schoenenbourg, France!


On Monday we traveled with my parents and sister into France. It was a win-win for all because we were going to France AND seeing a really cool WWII Site which excited my history-teacher-of-a-father. A friend of mine told me about the Maginot Line a few months ago and right away I knew my Dad would be interested! It ended up being a really, really fun adventure!

The Maginot Line was built after WW1 by the French. The whole purpose was to create a line of defense against the German. However, their plans were thwarted when the Germans went up through Belgium instead.

Playing in France is just SO much fun!

The Maginot Line is basically a system of underground bunkers. We traveled down underground about 90 feet to walk around in tunnels and see how the French soldiers lived and worked! It was seriously insanely amazing to see such a little military bases built all completely underground!

Down in the tunnels 90 feet below ground!

Little, tiny chapel!

The pantry.

Grammy and Princess!

Bug and Papa in the Kitchen.

Bug pretending to chow down on her chow. 😉

Long and seemingly unending hallways!

The engineering department.

Wrenches as big as Bug!

Bunks for lower enlisted. These bad boys were 5 wide and three high. Also, the soldiers would share beds with someone on an opposite shift!

These trays would fold down from the wall and two soldiers would share them to stand and eat their meal at!

Not sure how you get up to that top bunk! It was up above Mr.’s head!

Another view of the cozy sleeping quarters!

The infirmary.

I feel like we walked miles through these tunnels!

In the communications/command area.


Exploring history with Papa.

More weapons.

Shell casings.

There were lots of interesting art exhibits that had nothing to do with the Maginot Line, but Bug was mesmerized with this one. It was marbles dropping on a bare belly in slow motion.

If you’d like to see more from our time at the Maginot Line you can view the entire album HERE.

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