Burg Eltz!


Today is Bug’s very last day of 4 years old! I cannot believe how fast the time has gone! We spent the evening celebrating her birthday a day early because we will be heading out on another adventure tomorrow (PlayMobil Park!!) that wouldn’t be super conducive to cake and presents! She didn’t seem to object too much. The entire evening she referred to herself in third person as ‘The Birthday Girl.” She is one spectacularly special kid.

Earlier in the day we went on a short little day trip to tour Burg Eltz. It has been high on my list of places to see in Germany and we’ve been saving it up to explore with family. Today seemed like the perfect day! The drive there was breath taking!

A view of the Moselle River! I might love this area more than the Rheingau! Its a tough call!

When we arrived we decided to save a couple bucks and take a walk to the castle instead of paying for the shuttle bus. If any of my readers ever find themselves visiting Burg Eltz I definitely recommend the walk. For one thing, its fairly easy and not too long. For two, it gives you an amazing view of the castle you wouldn’t get with the shuttle. We actually opted to walk back, too. That was a little more of a hike than a walk since it was more uphill, but it still wasn’t insane.

Walking in the woods!

Beautiful views of Burg Eltz from the walking trail!

Burg Eltz is still owned by the original family who built it which makes it pretty special! It was also never attacked/destroyed so it is still fairly close to what it was when it was built between 1500-1700.

‘The Birthday Girl’ on her way to explore a castle for her pre-birthday adventure!

Hays Family with Burg Eltz.

My sweet princesses and a beautiful castle!

My sister wants to be a Princess at Disneyland someday. I think she is ready!

My parents and sister!

The whole gang at Burg Eltz.


Hitching a ride with Daddy!

Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take photos inside! It was really beautiful and we really enjoyed our tour! 🙂


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