Rome, Italy — Day Three!


As I mentioned before, at the start of our third day in Rome Mr.’s sisters and I went to the Vatican Museum. It was kind of busy (a lot busy) and I wasn’t able to get any pictures. But it was nice to get out a while with them! In the afternoon while the girls napped I hopped on the metro for a couple of stops back to the Spanish Steps so that I could get some photos of them since we didn’t really know what we were seeing before.

A view up the steps. This was another attraction that was heavy on the scaffolding. Before I came someone actually warned me about it all, but it was still disappointing.

A view of the lovely scaffolding. At least the pictures kind of gives you an idea of what it would normally look like.

One last view.

After nap time we headed back out into the city for dinner and more exploring. Evening exploring is truly the best!

Our first sight of the night was Plazza deila Republicca.

Plazza deila Republicca and Santa Maria degil Angeil.

Our dinner was pretty good, too! We finally ate a nice Italian place! Yum!

A view of Cassie’s pizza! Those are french fries on top! Too funny!

Our little circus on wheels! 😉

The first thing that we saw after dinner was the Santa Maria Maggiore. It was right up the hill from where we ate. So beautiful.

Naturally after dinner we made another gelato stop!

Nothing beats gelato in Rome!

We knew that we would be spending our 4th (and final) day in Rome exploring the Colosseum. However, there is a lot to see around the Colosseum and so we decided to explore that a bit while we were in the area. These are from Mercati Traianei:

Next up is Aero di Titro:

Love exploring the world with my best friend!

And then Colonna Traiana:

And last but not least, we ended up at the Monument for Emanuel II again:

Such a beautiful night of exploring! If you’d like to see more of our pictures from the third day in Rome you can view the entire albums  HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

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