Rome, Italy — Day One!


One of the most exciting things travel-wise that we had planned while Mr.’s side of the family was visiting was a trip to Rome! We started off on that leg of the journey last Thursday! Unfortunately we had a very early flight. Combined with getting back late from Rothenburg Ob de Tauber we really didn’t get a whole lot of sleep and were simply exhausted by the time we got to Rome.

One the plane heading to ROME! Bug was absolutely thrilled to get to sit by her Aunties!

Daddy and Baby ready to go! They were both sound asleep before we even finished taking off!

After we arrived in Rome we had to take a bus and then the metro to get to the apartment we were staying at! It was quite an adventure, but it ended up not really being that big of a deal! For our group of 8 we only spend about 20 euro between bus and metro, but when we took a taxi ride that was similar in distance at the end of our trip is was triple that! Anyways! I booked us an apartment that was away from the tourist stuff in Rome. I am so glad I did! Rome is a VERY busy, crowded city. It was nice to be in a less-busy area. We had a grocery story, gelato shop, laundry mat, and ATM all on our block. As well, the Metro stop was just at the end of our block! It was a great location!

Once we got settled into our apartment we all opted to take a nap. When in Rome… right? We didn’t wake up until after 5p! No joke. I was a little bummed because I figured we had wasted away too much of a day, but it turns out that night-life in Rome is where it is at! So much cooler… and everything stays open SO late. A lot of restaurants didn’t even open for dinner service until 6pm! Since it was already getting into the evening, we were hungry, and the girls were slightly cranky we opted for Hard Rock Cafe our first night for dinner. Andy and I have started collecting glasses as we travel different places and so it was fun to be able to add Rome to our collection.

Bug waiting with Grandpa IceCream for some grub!

After dinner (and actually a little before) we walked around and did some sight seeing! I think Rome at night was my favorite. Italy is definitely not as clean as Germany (I guess we’ve been spoiled!) and so having dim lighting definitely added to Rome’s appeal for me.

Trinita dei Monti was the first ‘sight’ that we saw in Rome. We ended up getting off the Metro here. Little did we know at the time, but this is the top of the Spanish steps! I ended up going back later to get more pictures (more on that later, though!)

One of our first views of Rome looking down the Spanish steps!

Beautiful mansion that we stumbled across while we were briefly lost. 🙂

I loved, loved, loved this building.

Silly Bug!

The first thing we saw after dinner was the Fontana dei Tritone. It was just down the hill from the Hard Rock and definitely really neat to look at!


All of us ‘kids’ at Fontana dei Tritone!

Our next stop was another fountain — Trevi. Unfortunately this one was a huge disappointment since it was covered in scaffolding and not a working fountain at all. Not to mention there was a huge line just to walk on the board walk to look at scaffolding. 😉

A bit of a closer view of what the Trevi Fountain would look like…

Our next stop was the Tempio Adriano!

The Hays at Tempio Adriano!

A very beautiful place!

The next stop was the Pantheon! Possibly one of my favorites from our time in Rome! Can’t beat magical, night views like this!

Or this!

Hays Family at the doors of the Pantheon.

A view of the Pantheon in all it’s glory.

Our last visit of the night was this beauty: The monument to Emanuel II. We actually ended up re-visiting this again later during our trip. Definitely another favorite.

And that was our first day (really evening if you count when we were actually exploring) in Rome! If you want to see more pictures of our exploring you can view the full albums HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.



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