The Hays do Rothenburg Ob de Tauber… sort of!


After nearly two weeks filled with fun we finally had to say goodbye to the other half of the Hays today. We had so much fun with them and I am going to be blogging for months about all we saw! We just got back from Rome yesterday which is why I haven’t been keeping up with our adventures so much in the blogging world. You will all just have to bear with the delay. Especially since my folks are coming into town this weekend! I am just going to have so much to talk about. Lucky you. 🙂

Anyways! Last week before we left for Rome we all visited the city of Rothenburg Ob de Tauber (I’m just going to call it Rothenburg because thats shorter). Cassie, Mr.’s sister, had been traveling Europe with her band group and they were playing their last concert here! So it worked out perfectly for us to go watch her, visit a cool city, and then pick her up to spend more time in Europe with us! Rothenburg is about two hours away from where we live. It is an old medieval town and so much fun.

I think before I go any further I should explain that the trend for the Hays doing Europe was chaos. If something could go wrong, it probably would. This trip was one of those instances. We had to take two separate cars and I’m not going to say who got lost and was 6 hours late finding the right city, but it wasn’t Mr. and I. 😉 It made for a little bit of a stressful day, but all in all, we really enjoyed Rothenburg!

Heading into Rothenburg! The city walls were lots of fun!

Another view of the city wall.

Half-timbered houses are one of our favorite things about Germany!

A view of the wall from the inside. You could actually go up and walk along it which was really fun.

We loved cathedrals too! Only this one wasn’t so exciting! They charged money just to go inside! Lame sauce!

Another view of the Cathedral.

Beautiful views from the city wall.

Daddy & his girls on the outskirts of town overlooking the beautiful valley below! It was a beautiful day! Poor Bug didn’t get to experience Rothenburg at all since she chose to ride in the car that got lost.

Entrance into the city…

Looking out through the entrance.

Walking up around the city wall and looking at this beautiful cathedral!

Walking around up on the city wall.

Our super silly 2 year old! Is it weird that these are the kind of pictures I want to have framed on my wall?

Two peas in a pod!

I love that this guy is such a fantastic Daddy to these sweet girls!

At Cassie’s concert! It was a lot of fun! The girls really enjoyed her music and dancing around in the square where it was held! They even were kept happy by the vendors at the various stands who kept bringing them up bits of food. I love Germany.

I think they missed each other just a little bit! 🙂

After we were able to meet Cassie we were finally able to get ahold of our missing party (after they were four hours late arriving! nerve racking!). So while we waited for them to find us we enjoyed some ice cream and then went and toured the Museum of Crime that they had in town. It was actually pretty interesting. I can firmly say I am so glad that I wasn’t alive during those times. Yikes!

This looks rather pleasant, right? haha

This bad boy was used to stretch a person out. Equally lovely.

This is a mouth pear. It was used to break people’s jaws and keep them from crying when tortured. Wonder whose invention this was?

This is a shame mask. Basically the only form of punishment in the museum that wasn’t physically painful.

They had dioramas of some of the forms of punishment which was interesting.

We also learned about the beginnings of Mr. Potato Head. Okay, not really. But this shame mask reminded me of him.

Daddy is always making our outings fun… even when it is kind of gross stuff!


Those are just a few of my favorites from our time in Rothenburg! If you want to see more from the Crime Museum you can see the entire album HERE.

If you want to see more from the city of Rothenburg you can see that entire album HERE!




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