Wiesbaden, Germany


If you missed my story about all the craziness of losing our back pack with literally everything important inside of it on our way to Heidelberg you can catch up on that HERE if you’d like. The morning of Sunday was spent recovering said bag. Thankfully it was a very painless process. Just required a bit of a drive! After that we were able to go out to lunch at a local German restaurant called the Brauhaus! It is our favorite place to take guests because there are A LOT of great German dishes to choose from. Oh, and it is delicious!

Since the morning had been spent bag hunting we had a relatively late lunch. So we decided to do the only logical thing and just go out to ice cream down town for dinner! We hadn’t had a chance yet to take Mr.’s family down town. The weather wasn’t so great and so we didn’t get to show them around too much (hoping to do more of that tomorrow!) but we DID get ice cream.

Princess enjoying a nutrition dinner of raspberry gelato!

A view of ‘our church’ here in Wiesbaden. We don’t actually attend there, but it is in our city and one of our favorite churches in all of Germany!

The Hays Family with their ice cream in front of the church down town.

Mr.’s other sister will be joining us shortly for more fun, but in the mean time we’ve been really enjoying having his Dad and sister here visiting with us!

View of the government building down town near the church.

Burning off that sugar rush by chasing pigeons down town. One of Bug’s favorite things to do!

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