Heidelberg, Germany!


This past Saturday we went on an adventure to Heidelberg, Germany. The castle in Heidelberg is actually the first place that we traveled after coming to Germany. We were really excited to go back! We got to ride a train there, got to use a bus and a tram getting to and from the train station, road on a boat cruise on the Neckar River, got a tour of the main town area, rode a cool tram up to the castle, and got to tour the castle! It was a long, busy day!

This particular trip was probably the most eventful of all trips we’ve ever taken. Mostly because our back pack got left on our first train. I won’t mention any names, but I have a particularly forgetful husband. 😉 Thankfully we were able to recovered our fully intact, nothing stolen back pack the next day. However, it was extremely stressful because both our wallets, both our keys, my phone, a nice stash of cash, our diapers and wipes, sunscreen, snacks, and water were all that back pack. Thankfully Andy’s Dad had money, we live close enough to the train station in Wiesbaden to walk home, the tour guide hooked me up with some German diapers and wipes, and we could pay a lock smith to unlock our house for us. Lots. Of. Fun.

Another really awesome perk of our trip was that it was 90+ degrees. Not exactly the best touring weather. We were sweating buckets all day long. And then, another fun part of Germany is that most places do not believe in A/C. When we got onto the tram to head back to the train station at the end of the day we might as well have been riding in a sauna. The first train we rode on out of Heidelberg didn’t have A/C and the window closest to us was broken. THANKFULLY the last train we rode did have A/C because i very well might have died had it not.

Other than all that craziness we all had a really nice trip together. Heidelberg is such a beautiful area!

Bug outside of our boat for the river cruise!

Beautiful view on the Neckar River.

Auntie and Bug on our River Cruise!

A view of the Old Bridge over the Neckar River.

A view of the Providence Church tower and the Heidelberg Castle from our river cruise.

Another view of Heidelberg Castle.

The entrance to the old bridge that crosses the Neckar River in Heidelberg.

Going under the Old Bridge.

A view down the Neckar River Valley.

Another view of the Old Bridge. Despite it being so hot it was a beautiful day which made for some beautiful picturesque moments!

Mr., Auntie,  and our three girls on the river cruise!

Silly Princess!

Walking down Hauptstraße with Heiliggeistkirche in the distance! This is located in the main part of town in Heidelberg.

Beautiful sights.

Jesuitenkirche in Heidelberg.

I love all the colors!

Heiliggeistkirche tower. Or in English: The Church of the Holy Spirit.

Inside the Heiliggeistkirche.

I love churches.

Inside the main square at Heidelberg Castle.

One of the tours of Heidelberg Castle.

Bug with the giant keg at Heidelberg Castle.

A view from Heidelberg Castle down to the Old Bridge and Neckar River where we were earlier in the day.

I love all the detail!

It may be ruins, but it is still pretty incredible.

Our view while sitting in the shade trying to cool off!

All in all, despite all the extra chaos and heat, we had a really great time in Heidelberg! Now on to more adventures! If you want to see more pictures from our time in Heidelberg you can view the entire album HERE on our photo share site.

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