Speyer, Germany!


Daddy and the Littles on the train waiting to go!

This past weekend we got to take a fun trip to Speyer, Germany! It was a really fun city to visit and was made especially fun because we got to ride the train there! It was our first train ride here in Germany and I think it is safe to say that we are hooked! It was so easy, inexpensive (which I need to look into more because I was under the impression it was much more expensive), and the girls loved the fact that they were on a real-live train!

Lily and I ready to ride the train!

Speyer was originally founded by the Romans and is one of the oldest cities in Germany. It dates back as far as 10 B.C.! I love visiting places and just imagining all the thousands of people that have walked in the same steps I am walking over the past thousands of years. Definitely one of my favorite parts of traveling around Europe!

One of the first places that we went along our tour was the Protestant Church. It was one of the nicer protestant ones we’ve seen. Usually the Catholic Cathedrals are the fancy ones!

A view of the Protestant Church.

Speaking of Catholic Cathedrals…

Walking around Speyer with a view up to Dom Zu Speyer!

The picture above really doesn’t give you the best impression of the cathedral, but I love it because it really shows you how big/long this cathedral is!

A front view of Dom Zu Speyer from near where we ate lunch!

One of our favorite things about cathedrals are all the paintings!

The entrance to Dom Zu Speyer.

Inside Dom Zu Speyer.

Up at the front of Dom Zu Speyer.

A view back towards the entrance. Beautiful pipe organs!

Another really neat part of touring the Cathedral was heading down into the Crypt. I believe that much of the Cathedral was rebuilt in more recent years, however, the crypt dates back 800 years! It definitely smelled that way!

Down in the crypt.

Bug in the Crypt. She was oddly excited about the graves. ha Apparently there are some fairly historically significant people buried here, but we aren’t exactly brushed up on our Catholic Church history.

One of the relics. A human femur all fancied up.

After exploring the Cathedral it was time to take the kids to a festival which was the main reason we visited Speyer in the first place! They hold a Brezel Fest or Pretzel Festival! So fun, right? We were expecting it to be all about pretzels. While there were a couple pretzel stands it was mostly just a regular German festival, but it was still one of the better ones we’ve visited! We even got to try a few new foods like Dumpfnudlen and Frickadelle. Both were amazingly delicious!!

A fun park we stopped at before entering the festival. Its a spider and the play area is the web coming out of the spider’s butt. Have I mentioned that Germany has the best play grounds?

Ready to head in to the festival!

When we first entered the fest we saw that they had pony rides! We had told the girls we weren’t really going to do rides, but who can pass up a pony ride?!

Bug was super excited to be riding a pony! She LOVES animals.

Happy girls riding ponies!

Round and round they went! It was actually a really long ride! I think we definitely got our money’s worth!

One of the high lights of the day was that Mr. won Bug a villain minion! Seriously so awesome. Early on Bug saw a little boy carrying one around and she just was dying to win one too. Mr. won her a regular minion at the the 4th of July festival. Well, sure enough, same easy to win clay game. His name is Villain-boy!

Andy also won another Minion so we now have three total. Our theory was that having three would end the fighting. No such luck, but hey, we tried. This one is named Dennis which is hilarious because that is Grandpa’s name too!

Partaking in pretzels at the pretzel fest!

I love the festival atmosphere and the national pride!

Balloon animals/flowers from a clown! So fun!

So excited! We finally agreed to let her do the trampoline ‘ride’!

Up she goes! She had a blast!

Princess enjoying Brezel Fest!

At one point we had to hang out in the Bier Tent for a while because it was POURING down rain. Despite loud music Princess crashed and took a nap. Then, later on as we were walking around the festival Baby did the same! These girls can apparently sleep through anything!

Enjoying some Eis while we waited for the parade/dance to start. they were trying to break a world record. We were told start time was 5:30, but apparently it was 7?! None the less, our train left before that so we didn’t end up getting to see! The Eis was good though!

Our three new Minion Family members. Villain-boy, Dennis, and Kevin.

This is just a few of my favorite photos from our time in Speyer. If you’d like to see more you can visit our entire album from the day HERE.



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  1. I know I have said it over and over again, but I am just so happy that you guys are really immersing yourselves in the culture – it is so great to see how all 3 girls are so willing to try different things. So many kids at that age are a bit reluctant and sometimes actually scared to try.

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