Lochmühle Adventure!


This past Monday Mr. had the day off work (a long weekend for the 4th) and so we got to have a fun family day together! Our friends, the Johnsons, have family in town and wanted to do something fun as well and so they invited us to come with them to Lochmühle! It was such a fun day! Basically Lochmühle is a petting zoo/farm animal park that met an amusement park. It is a blast! There were lots of parks to play at, animals to see, rides to ride, and just FUN to be had. We ended up getting there shortly after 10a and didn’t end up leaving up about 6pm! And we definitely left looking forward to the next time we can get a chance to go back!

This fun swing was located at the park right by our grill hut! We had a summer yummy lunch grilled by Brice! Love German brats! Yum!

So, a fun thing about Lochmühle is that a lot of the rides were self run or at least self started! Or parent-fun in this case! Mr. had to get this spinning for them!

He really had them going fast! The kids LOVED it.


Baby and Mr. checking out the horses! They had A LOT of animals and the kids loved checking them all out!

Julie, her folks, and kids riding along on a tractor! This ride was a self-start one. You just pushed a button once you were in your tractor and off you went on a tractor ride! So fun!

Our big girls ‘driving’ the tractor for us!

Mr. and Baby enjoying the tractor ride!

They have some of the best signs in Germany. haha

Getting ready to ride the ‘real’ swing ride. This one was actually started by an employee. However, Bug was a tad disappointed because it didn’t go as fast as the one Mr. had them spinning on!

Going around on the swing ride!

Heading out on a helicopter ride! This was pretty fun. The only down side was the fact that you had to pedal, like a bike, to make it go. It was actually quite the work out!

A view pedaling along on the helicopter ride!

Bug and Will were inside this hamster-wheel type thing.

Play ground fun!

This was another pedaling-required ride. The faster you pedal, the faster you spin! So fun!

Riding on a carousel type ride. There were horses in the very middle and tea cups (that spun!) and cars along the outside!

Bug loves all the bunnies!

Princess did too!

Bumper cars!

Riding a giant duck ride!

Will and Bug going down the giant slide! They probably went down 50 times that day!

The first time we visited the slide Mr. was keeping Brice company while he grilled lunch so thankfully Mr. Frye offered to take Princess down! So much fun! He is such a fun Grandpa!

After lunch it was roller coaster time!

Bug has such an adventuresome spirit! She LOVES all the rides!

She even wanted to go a second time so that I got a turn to ride, too!

It was a lot of fun!

Back to the slide! Mr. and Princess going down!

Bug, Baby and I going down the slide! Baby absolutely loved riding down! She is kind of a dare-devil too!

So much fun!

A parent-powered ferris wheel!

This happened. Will was hysterically laughing and the reactions from his parents (mostly his Dad) when he rode with them on this and continually took them upside down. We were dying laughing, too. Andy and I rode this one together. It was crazy.

My adventurous Bug riding another ride with her Dad! Of course she loved it!

Another hilarious moment from the day was when Julie and her Dad tried to figure out just what these were for and broke out in synchronized exercise! It was great!

This cutie pie loves the swings!

Just for the record… my husband sent all three of my children down that deadly, silver slide all by themselves.

The giant trampoline area was a HUGE hit! We spent so much time here. My husband jumped THE whole time with the kids. Later that evening he told me that he know feels incredibly old from how worn out and sore he is from jumping on a trampoline! ha!

Then we found this! Fun for kids and adults alike!

There was an age limit for this bad boy and she was well under it. She’s stubborn.

The kiddos having a blast!

We all had quite a laugh when we first came up to the donkey ride. From a distance it was hard to see Bug and we thought Brice was riding this all by himself!

Baby and I riding a donkey! Well, a pretend one anyway!

….because you can’t have fun in Germany with out milking a pretend cow!

Baby’s turn!

A parent-propelled little carousel.

Yet another fun, spinning ride. 🙂

The ‘ball pool.’ It was actually quite deep!

Mini trampoline fun!

Sweet Baby!

What a fun day! It started out overcast and we were worried about rain, but by the end of the day it was sunny and we all had a sun burn! Go figure! This is definitely one of our new favorite places and it is only about 40 minutes from our home! The day was definitely made more fun by our company as well! I am so thankful that the Johnsons invited us along!

To see more pictures from our day you can visit the entire album on our photo share site HERE.


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  1. What a fantastic place – and to get to do it with friends makes it all that more amazing. I love Carroll & Jan so I bet they were fun – especially fun to see Carroll riding that kids roller coaster with both hands up in the air. So funny. Again I am so glad to see that your girls are all adventuresome and game to try it all.

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