4th of July!


We had such a fun 4th of July. Well, minus the fact that we were all a little sick. We powered through, though, and made the most of our day. The 5th of July was spent napping and watching movies and feeling miserable, but hey, we had a great 4th! We started our day at the German-American Friendship Festival.

The bigs ready to head to the festival! They were super anxious to go, but I made them take a few pictures first!

Little patriotic baby!

As much as I would love to have my kids take a perfect picture I also secretly love pictures like this. It totally captures their personalities!

When I see a picture of all three girls side by side I always wanted to sing, “One of these things is not like the other…” haha Baby is definitely our little Indian Baby! Just for the record, we apply sunscreen equally between all three girls. Baby tans. Bug always looks like we never let her play outside! ha

Happy 4th of July!

My sweet Bug!


We ran into some friends of ours at the festival and I was SO glad we did. They are moving back to the states in about a week! I was happy that Bug got to see them one more time… even if they didn’t really remember each other that well! 🙂

This was a SUPER fun ride! The girls rode it a few times! 🙂

Bug and Mr. going down the big slide! So fun!

Getting ready to ride the ferris wheel! Definitely could have stayed on this one for 100 rides! It was a lot of fun for all of us!

Bug and I on the ferris wheel!

With views like this… man. You just can’t go wrong!

Looking down on the festival!

Daddy and the littles with an amazing view!

Ready to ride another ride!

Flying on a magic carpet! 😉

Hays Family on the 4th of July!

Mr. riding an insanely crazy ride.

Riding on the little train!

And another car ride!

The newest member of our family : Kevin. Bug noticed the minions at the beginning of the festival and could not stop talking about them! Finally we found the game, a claw game, at which you could potentially win them. Bug always begs us to play the claw game. Sometimes we let her. She never wins. Its a huge tragedy for days. So we cautiously gave her 2 euro to play (2 turns). Mr. gave her a little help, too. The first try they didn’t come close. The second try the claw picked up Kevin!! BUT he slipped out right before the hole. I was out of Euro so that was that. Well, there was a sweet German lady watching and she really wanted Bug to have that minion so she handed her a euro coin and told her to get that minion! Sure enough, third time was the charm!! My only regret now is that all the girls love Kevin so much that I wish we had three! ha Kevin is currently on a schedule as to who gets to hold him/sleep with him and when. He’s a very busy minion!

Bug let Princess babysit while she rode one last ride!

Bug waving NOT to me, her mother, but to her Sunday School teacher who we ran into at the festival! See where I rank? Sunday School is her FAVORITE.

Before I know it Bug will be driving her sisters around for real. Not in a porsche, though.

We finished off our 4th of July by hosting a BBQ at our house with our church family! It was a blast! There was so much yummy food, the kids had so much fun playing at the park behind our house, and it was nice to sit around and chat with our friends from church! Definitely the perfect ending to the perfect day! Oh, and Deutschland won their soccer match!! Woo hoo!

If you’d like to see more pictures from the 4th you can view our entire album HERE.


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