Summer time Mom…


I have to admit that one of my favorite seasons to be a stay-at-home-mom in is summer! Nothing beats spending our days outside at the park with friends!

First peaches of the summer! She gobbled them down as fast as I could slice them!

This little cutie is my shadow! Unless Daddy is home. Then she’s his shadow and I’m chopped liver!

Bug really liked eating peaches too! Until I told her about there being a pit in the middle. Then she was done. She is terrified of eating any fruit with a seed/pit inside it. haha

Bug is SO proud that she can climb up the climbing wall all by herself these days!

She is just getting to be SO big.

Don’t mind us. We’re the weirdos playing at the park with out our shoes on!

Love this sweet toddler!

Baby climbing away. She is SUCH a good climber. She can get up and down just about anything all on her own. She gives every other mother at the park a heart attack. 🙂

My biggest monkey!

We love to swing!

Bug has almost got it down to where she can swing by herself. She still prefers Mama to give her a ‘big monster push’ though!

Since there are only 2 swings we have to take turns! Thankfully Baby doesn’t mind helping push!

She is always super happy when it is her turn on the swing, though!

I could just eat her up. 🙂

She is pretty adorable, too! 🙂

I don’t normally take my camera to the park, but I wanted to get some summer pictures. Everything the girls did they would call and say, “Mom take a picture of me!”


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  1. I always loved fresh peaches too. When I was a little older than Lily I was sitting on my swing in the back yard eating a peach. It was about half gone when i looked down and there was a worm in it. It took many years after that before I would eat a whole peach again.

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