Rheingau Riesling Wine Tour


On the last day of Mr.’s vacation we had the privilege to do something a little different. We got to go on a day trip together kid-free! We’ve recently discovered a really awesome babysitter and she was willing to keep our girls for a whole day while we went and explored. I can never thank her enough! Not only do the girls love her, but she is just such a sweet sweet girl! Anyways! Mr. and I got to go on a Reisling Wine Tour. The area along the Rhein near Wiesbaden is known specifically for growing this type of wine. We aren’t really big wine drinkers. We enjoy an occasional glass with a meal from time to time, but none-the-less, we decided it would still be fun and interesting.

Wow. We couldn’t have picked a better trip! This was seriously one of THE best things I have ever done in my entire life. Our guide was a local wine producer. He took us around to all these amazing places that you would never think or know to find on your own. Then, after a day of touring some special gems we were taken back to his house for a wine tasting (all wine he produced himself!) and a home cooked meal made by his wife! At the end of the day he took us into his wine cellar that dates back 800 years! We got to sample one of his earlier produced wines that is now about 40 years old! Such a neat experience!

Heading into our first stop: a monastery! The first one that either Mr. or I have visited while in Germany!

So beautiful. On the grounds of the Monastery!

Mr. and I at the Monastery.

The monastery dates back to 1695 AD which is what these markings on the wall are saying.

Our next stop was Scloss Vollrads.

Mr.and I at Scloss Vollrads.

One really interesting thing that our guide, Helmut, wanted to teach us on our tour is the difference between a Basilica (shown here) and a Cathedral. Basically, the Basilica is less grand. 🙂 He also taught us difference between different styles of Cathedrals.

This carving symbolized the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

An old wine press. It used to be quite the ordeal to press grapes for wine!

Beautiful view of the vineyards.

Mr. and I again! He, thankfully, was a good sport about taking lots of pictures with me!

Beautiful view from the Austrian Cafe we stopped at for coffee and cake!

And then we visited a Cathedral!

Inside view. Just a little more grand than a basilica, eh?

Don’t ask me what style of Cathedral this is, though. I am so bad at remember what kid of architecture is from what time period! Sorry!

I love stained glass windows!

Our guide told us the legend of Nibelungenlied. Long story short, this isn’t the actual dragon’s cave from the story, but it was created to represent it. It was seriously scary to walk through.

Our reward for going through the crazy scary cave! A beautiful view of the Rheingau Valley!

A fortress down near the Rhein.

If you recall, recently Bug and I visited Rüdesheim. That is just to the left of this picture on the Rhein.

Mr. and I with an amazing view! Probably my favorite picture of us we’ve ever taken! Such a beautiful day!

This bridge was built by the Romans and is still in use today!

Just one more. I cannot get enough of views like this. So blessed to live in such a beautiful place!

Helmut’s home where we enjoyed our wine tasting and dinner! I love half-timbered homes!

Down in the 800 year old wine cellar. Yes, that is mold all over the place. Took a while to get used to the smell that is for sure!

I am so glad I got a day with Mr. all to myself. Not to mention all the beautiful sights and really just getting to enjoy German culture! Oh, I forgot to mention! We got to try our first bowl of Riesling soup! My life will never be the same! I am not sure I can ever eat another soup again in my life. It was seriously quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever tasted!

If you want to see more of this trip you can view the entire album HERE on our photo share site.

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  1. Your adventures are priceless and I am so glad you share so much of them with us. I lived In the Napa/Sonoma area of Calif. which is definitely wine country. Enjoyed sampling the different ones but I never got to sampe Riesling which I always liked. What is great is that you will have all your travels documented to enjoy reliving in the future.

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