Kolobrzeg, Poland!


After a fun time at Tropical Islands it was time to hit the road again! Originally for our vacation we were supposed to visit Croatia. So, when I was planning this vacation last minute I wanted to add in a foreign country if possible. Tropical Islands is near Berlin which is pretty close to the border with Poland so that seemed like a good option. When I first began researching places in Poland I was having a hard time finding something that I felt would be fun for our whole family. Eventually I stumbled upon Kolobrzeg. Andy and I love visiting hidden little gems. While the big, tourist type places are fun we both personally enjoy visiting the ‘randoms’ of europe that are off the beaten path. Kolobrzeg, Poland is definitely one of those places! I think it is the first place we’ve ever visited while here in Europe where practically no one spoke English. We actually found ourselves asking at various times, “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?” or “Do you speak German?” We were close enough to the border with Germany (and it seemed like this was a fairly popular vacation spot for Germans since there were a lot of them there) that a lot of people did speak German. While we know just a little German it was more than the English that they knew! Kind of a fun situation to be in!

Heading into Poland!

Driving along in Poland. We were warned before coming that the road conditions were poor in Poland. While I will say you can tell a difference in the wealth of Poland vs. Germany I felt like the roads leading from Berlin to Kolobrzeg were really well maintained.

One really special part of our drive into Poland is that it just happened to also be the day for celebrating Corpus Christi in Poland! Poland is predominantly Catholic and Corpus Christi is a holiday to celebrate the Eucharist. As we came across a couple small towns along the way we got to witness their parades and the children sprinkling flower petals along the way. Such a fun experience!

We arrive in Kolobrzeg shortly before dinner. We didn’t really notice a lot of restaurants in our as we drove in so we opted to eat at our hotel. SO glad we did. Poland is pretty inexpensive compared to Germany. We paid the equivalent to about $20 USD for dinner for our whole family and it was buffet style! We got to experience a lot of really fun and different Polish food! We had our breakfasts included at the hotel so we got to enjoy it in the mornings and even chose to go their for dinner again our second night!

The next morning there was a break in the rain so we decided to venture to the beach! It was only about a 5 minute walk from our hotel which was really nice!

Mr. and the girls down at the beach!

Sweet matching sisters!

As you might have inferred from the umbrellas the break in the rain was very short lived. We ended up not only getting caught in the rain, but a torrential down pour! By the time we got back to our hotel we were all absolutely soaked. We looked as if we had gone swimming in our clothes! However, the weather changed again after just about an hour or two and after changing and warming up a bit we were able to head back out around lunch time!

We found a little restaurant right off the beach! We got to enjoy some fresh seafood with this beautiful view! I sure have missed yummy, fresh seafood!

Lunch with my sweetie pie!

After lunch we headed down to the beach! This is the FIRST time the girls have ever been to the beach. EVER. How two west coast parents have neglected their kids from a beach experience for so long is beyond me!

Chasing sea gulls.

Sticking our toes in the Batlic Sea!

Princess tripped and dove right into the ocean! The same thing happened to Baby. We had no intentions of swimming considering the girls were dressed in clothes, but that didn’t stop them. Yet again we left the beach SOAKED. The girls were in heaven, though, so we really didn’t care too much.

Our soaked but very happy baby! All the passers by on the beach would stop and watch the girls running in and out of the water. Everyone seemed to get quite a kick out of the girls. 🙂

It ended up being a very beautiful day!

Mama teaching the girls how to jump waves!

Poor Princess realized that being wet made her cold!

Bug and I!

After splashing in the water we wandered through the town a bit. There were lots of tents with various things for sale. The girls were pretty wet and cold, though, so we didn’t stay long. We headed home to dry off and warm up and take rests. After dinner, though, we decided to head back down to the beach… this time we were prepared with swim suits and towels! I am fairly certain others on the beach thought we were slightly crazy since it wasn’t THAT warm, but they were easily won over and entertained by our super cute kids!

One of my very favorite pictures from our time in Poland. 🙂

Daddy was having as much fun as the kids!

Who would have thought that a beach on the Baltic sea in Poland would be so beautiful?

Just off the beach was a wooded area that was covered with walking/biking trails. It was really nice! There were lots of people walking and biking through this area.

The girls were pretty disgusted by all the slugs! ha I don’t think I have seen a slug since we were back in Washington!

These are just a few of my favorite pictures from Kolobrzreg, Poland! We took a lot! If you want to see more of our adventure in Poland you can view the entire album HERE.

After our time in Poland came to an end it was time to head home. We had been on the road for nearly a week! It was so nice to get home! However, our vacation still had one more day of fun ahead once we got home! I’ll share that with you next time!


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