Bamberg, Germany


When we were talking with our friend Aaron about visiting Nürnberg one of the things he really pushed was for us also to make some time for Bamberg. I had previously stumbled across Bamberg online and had a friend who also mentioned that it was really neat so we figured we might as well. Aaron recommended a great restaurant for lunch and we decided it would make a really nice pit stop on our way to the Berlin area. After visiting, though, I wish we had built in more time! Bamberg was so beautiful and is so rich with history!

Heading into to Old Town on our way to lunch.

I love Bavaria! There is just so much character to all the buildings!

Another beautiful view of the bridge!

We enjoyed a very delicious Bavarian meal at Schlenkerla. Aaron recommended it to us because one of their specialities that they are known for is a smoked beer. I personally am not a beer fan, but Mr. really enjoys trying beers and so I knew this would be a fun stop for us! (Mr. said the smoked beer was awesome, by the way. He said it was kind of like having a bacon flavored beer!) After we finished eating lunch we decided to walk around a bit before hopping back in the car.

Dom zu Bamberg! SO beautiful! It was originally founded in 1004! Insane, right? It has been to its current size since the 1200’s! So beautiful! Pope Clement II is buried here, too.

I am sure this wall and monument has significant meaning, but i really just thought it was beautiful!

One of the things to know if you are visiting cathedrals in Europe (or probably anywhere, really) is that it is important to dress modestly if you plan to go inside. The general rule is that your knees and shoulders should be covered. Some locations, like the Vatican, will just simply deny you access if you fail to comply. Other places, though, like Bamberg don’t have the same strict control. However, out of respect for the church/religion I think it is important to respect their wishes. All this to say! The girls and I were in shorts and/or tank tops when we visited Bamberg and so we stayed outside while Andy (who was wearing pants and a long sleeve shirt) went inside and snapped some pictures for us.

Inside Dom zu Bamberg.

Simply beautiful.

The doors leading into Dom zu Bamberg.

A view out over Bamberg from the church steps.

A view of the square surrounding the cathedral.

These are just a few of my favorites form our time in Bamberg. If you would like to see more you can view the entire album HERE.

After heading out from Bamberg we were on our way to Tropical Islands just outside of Berlin. It is an indoor water park, similar to what a Great Wolf Lodge would be in the States. It was definitely a long drive. Really, it was about 3 hours, but it was the ‘longest’ in terms of morale for us. Baby cried and screamed a lot. I was really beginning to worry at that point since I knew coming home at the end of our road trip we would have a day of 8+ hours in the car. Thankfully, though, this portion of the road trip was her worst and it was all easy and care free after that! Whew!


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  1. What a wonderful opportunity for you to see such an awesome place. When I have been around buildings that old ( in Europe) I always think of the people who were where I am standing hundreds of years before.

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