Nürnberg — The Nazi Ruins


On the third day of our road trip it was time for us to head out of Nürnberg and onto our next destination. The night before after we had gone out to dinner with Aaron, Aaron took Mr. around to see some of the Nazi stuff. When we first told him we were coming to town he insisted that we had to see these things if we were going to visit Nürnberg. The next morning Mr. was telling me about seeing them and we decided we’d make another quick stop on the way out of town.

Our first stop of the morning was to see the building known in German as Kongreßhalle. It was to be the center piece of the Nazi grounds in Nürnberg and as you can see from the pictures if was definitely designed with the Romans in mind.

As we drove past Kongreßhalle we then found ourselves driving down Groß Straße. This was to be part of the parade route that Nazi soldiers would march on coming into Zeppelinfeld (Zeppelin Field). On either side of Groß Straße are two man-made lakes that Hitler made. It was definitely one of those beauty from ashes type of thing. I found myself admiring what a beautiful area it was and then my husband kindly reminded me who created it and it was a good reminder of how beauty can rise from such evil.

A view down Große Straße. The round is 2 km long (only 1.5 of which was actually finished) and on top of the concrete you can see the marble slabs.

A view of one of the lakes that is along side the Große Straße.

Our last stop was at Zeppelinfeld. This was where Hitler would address his Nazi Troops. Here is a picture of it being used:
So, when we drove up to this I was a little confused:

We felt similarly when we visited the Berlin Wall. For such a huge part of history, it isn’t very well maintained. In fact, it kind of feels like it is trying to be hidden or forgotten. Mr. and I were talking about it afterwards and he made a good point about how it  exactly something the Germans are proud of.

Zeppelinfeld today.

I know that our girls probably don’t realize just how special our time is here in German. I am so glad, though, that I can someday show them pictures like this and say, “Look. There you are playing where Nazi troops once stood about 75 years before you!”

Here is a photo of Hitler addressing the troops at Zeppelinfeld.

And Bug and Mr. standing where Hitler once stood like in the picture above.

Bug, Princess, and I standing where Hitler addressed Nazi troops at Zeppelinfeld. While we are by no means in a Hitler-fan club or think highly of him in any way, shape, or form it is still incredibly powerful to visit places like this. I feel like we have an amazing opportunity to walk through history.

A view of the Tribune at Zeppelinfeld.

After visiting the old Nazi Rally Grounds our time in Nürnberg had come to an end. These are just a few snap shots of our time visiting this area. If you would like to see more you can view the entire albums on our photo share site HERE and HERE.

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