Nürnberg, Germany– Old Town!


Our fun in Nürnberg just never stopped! I have to say it is probably one of my favorite parts of a vacation we’ve ever had! We were able to fit so much in while we were there! Our second evening there our friend Aaron who lives in the area came by and went to dinner with us. Since he lives nearby and has been to Nürnberg a bunch of times he was kind of our own built-in tour guide! He knew the best places to go and see! It was so nice. Other than dinner. Dinner was good. Baby cried the entire time (which she’s never done before) and I ended up just walking up and down the street with her and not really eating at all. It was awesome. In the most sarcastic way possible.

After dinner, though, she perked up and we were able to walk around and explore the Old Town a bit!

A cathedral! These never cease to amaze me!

Always so detailed!

Another one!

This fountain was pretty spectacular!

Up in the Nürnberg Castle.

A view out over Nürnberg from the castle!

And another one… 🙂

The Hays Family up at the castle with Nürnberg in our background.

Aaron & Mr.!

Just so pretty.

Another church! Our restaurant was just off to the side of it! Such a nice view of dinner!

One last view of this beauty!

It was such a beautiful evening to be walking around Nürnberg! Another added bonus was that there was a German soccer match on that evening. As we walked through town there were TVs outside ALL over the place with large crowds gathered around. When Germany scored you could hear the echoes of cheering through out the city. And then, of course, when they won the place went wild. Cars were driving by with flags flying and horns honking! It was a really special moment for sure!

Aaron and Mr. ended up going and having some man-time after dropping us ladies off at the hotel. Aaron showed him a few historical sights which Mr. ended up taking me to go see the next day! SO! I will share more about that next time!

If you’d like to see the entire album of pictures from our evening in Nürnberg you can see those HERE.

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