Nürnberg Zoo!


On the second day of our ‘epic’ road trip we spent the day in Nürnberg, Germany. While there is a ton to see in Nürnberg we decided to really make this a family-friendly trip and plan a lot of things that the girls would love. Hence the reason we started out with Playmobil Fun Park! (side note: we DID end up getting to see a lot of the sights… more on that later!)

We have been to several zoos in Germany now. In fact, we’ve been to more German zoos than American ones! They’ve each been different and had their own specialty! I personally just think that we are SO fortunate to have seriously dozens of zoos within a couple hours of us!! Anyways! One of the drawing points of the Nürnberg Zoo is that they have dolphins! I think I personally was the most excited about this! I’ve never seen a dolphin before! And obviously, neither have my girls, but unfortunately the animal of choice for them is a hyena… which we’ve yet to find in a zoo! I should probably google that. I’d win the ‘best mom ever’ award if I took Bug to see a real-live hyena.

Back to the story! We loved the zoo! Seeing dolphins was so much fun. AND they even had a dolphin show where they did some tricks. Definitely not sea world, but it was still really neat. Had we been able to understand German we probably would’ve learned a lot of fun facts about dolphins, too. 🙂

First stop inside the zoo was the monkeys! They had little baby monkeys in there! Adorable! AND we got to see them feed the monkeys which the girls thought was pretty neat too. Bug has been recently reading (and re reading a million times) a book about monkeys/apes so she was telling us ALL about them.

Giraffes! So much fun! Love my three little amigas!

Bug and Princess in the underwater viewing area with the dolphins swimming behind them!

Another really, really, really cool animal that they had at the zoo was Manatees! Seriously probably my second favorite animal only to Beluga Whales. And now we all know where Bug gets her love for odd-ball animals from!

My life is now complete that I’ve met a beluga AND a manatee in real life. 😉

Dolphins from above!

Is your Mama a Llama I asked my friend Fred?

Bug sizing up the tiger tracks!

Because naturally we bring strollers for them to push around rather than ride in. 🙂

Nothing beats racing through the trails at a German zoo!

The zoo is so exhausting!

There is literally fun around every corner when you go to a German zoo! Its awesome!

Happy girl checking out the animals at the zoo! And seriously, when did she get so big?!? Can’t believe my baby will be two in just a few short months!

Seriously. Can we just freeze her at this age forever??

She had these big brown eyes since the day she was born…

….. and her sense of adventure (mischief) too!

We thought this Rhino was dead. It was kind of disturbing. Finally it moved a little.

Eis Bear!

We stayed in this spot for a LONG time. This is the polar bear coming up to Bug’s hand (there is glass there!). He just kept coming right up to the glass. The girls were in heaven!

After coming up to the glass he would do a backwards dive back into the water!

Hays Girls at the Nürnberg Zoo!

Haha my kids are awesome!

Penguin fun! (And Princess’ beautiful curly hair!)

Popsicle break!

Super cool!

We had SUCH a fun day at the Zoo! If you want to see more pictures from our day you can view the entire album HERE.
And this one only one part of our day! Later we met our friend, Aaron, for dinner in Nürnberg and he gave us a nice little tour! I’ll share more about that later!

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