PlayMobil Fun Park!


Our poor, deprived children have never been to DisneyLand (or world). BUT before you feel too sorry for them you should know that they’ve been to PlayMobil Fun Park a hand full of times. And quite honestly, having been to both, I am pretty sure I’d take PlayMobil over Disney any day! Don’t get me wrong, Disney is fun. Playmobil, though, is just so much better. Giant playgrounds, your toys in life size for you to crawl all over… a place to get dirty, splash in the water, and use your imagination…. all the good stuff rolled up into one, big fun park! For the Hays Girls, Playmobil Fun Park is the happiest place on earth! Good thing we get to go back in just over a month for Bug’s birthday!

The girls just outside the front gates.

Closer view! They were SO excited. As we walked up towards the entrance Bug was literally shrieking with delight!

Princess was pretty smitten with the pirate!

Our little princesses blend right in!

Playing on the crane! Baby is on the truck part and Bug is up in the basket!

Princess & Mr.’s turn up in the basket!

Baby coming down the slide! There were three awesome slides in this area. You had to go through an obstacle course type thing to get to each slide. We seriously played here FOREVER. Even Mr. and I were having a blast going down the slides!

Princess’ turn!

And Bug!

Baby LOVES bouncy bridges!

Heading onto the life sized Pirate Ship! Hello. So cool.

Daddy and his girls playing Pirates!

Below deck on the pirate ship!

Andy giving the girls a ride around the pond!

Having fun playing in the water! Next time we’ll wear swim suits! 🙂 The girls got SOAKED!

So fun!

My baby dinosaurs!

Seriously stinkin’ adorable! Mr. captured this one while Bug and I were off exploring the ‘wild’!

Just can’t get enough!

Seriously. Mr. takes the best pictures. And I have the cutest toddlers EVER.

Seriously. What kid doesn’t want to run around and play with dinosaurs?? Best. Park. Ever.

One perk to being such a short adult is that you get to enjoy all the fun kid stuff! 🙂

The girls & I behind the waterfall!

Baby was right at home on the throne in the castle. It lights up and plays music when you sit on it. 🙂

Daddy and Princess!

Baby found herself a knight in shinning armor!

Bug loves these things. haha And I have to say, she has the pose down pat!

Baby playing away while we watch and eat lunch! Even the indoor area at Playmobil Park is perfect!

For real. Life size doll house. And every Playmobil toy imaginable available to play with. Amazing.

Back outside and playing in the sand!

Bug  kept burying treasure and then not being able to find it. It was great fun.

One of the girls’ favorite areas in the Noah’s ark area. There are boats and other toys to play with in large troughs of water! Lauren even made a friend.

And to finish out the day we had ice cream! AND Princess got THE best ice cream goatee ever.

What a fun day! After all our fun we headed to our hotel in Nurnberg and ate some dinner… then we wore the kids out even more by taking them swimming at our hotel pool! I think it is safe to say that we all got an excellent night’s sleep that night! I cannot wait to go back in August! If you’d like to see the entire album from our time in Playmobil Fun Park you can do that HERE.

Oh, and in other news, I’ve learned that I can no longer try to sneakily shop while Bug is with me. I picked up a few toys for her upcoming birthday thinking that she wouldn’t notice. Oh she noticed. Totally called me out on it. I tried to convince her that I had put them back. She didn’t buy it. I guess I need to step up my sneaky skills! 🙂



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  1. What I love is seeing the girls do all kinds of things – they don’t appear to have any fears. I credit you and Andy with that.

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