Wiesbaden’s Wilhelm Straße Festival!


The Hays Family is HOME! Hallelujah! I love traveling and going on all our adventures, but there is nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed! We had such a fun vacation and it is going to take me forever to share it all with you, but here goes nothing!

We started off our vacation with a trip to some super cool caves. You can catch up on that adventure HERE. The second day of our vacation we had plans to go to the festival in Wiesbaden. Poor planning on my part, though, since the festival didn’t start until 4p! Oops! So we spent the day in down town Wiesbaden as a family shopping and going out to lunch. It was fun! Mr. hadn’t ever been in the shopping area so it was neat to show him around a bit! Have I mentioned we went shopping? Poor Mr. is in trouble Bug and Princess already have blossomed into little shoppers just like their Mama! 🙂 That evening Mr. and I were able to have a babysitter stay with the girls and we actually got to go down to the festival which was super fun. Most of the ‘good stuff’ happens in the evening, but it isn’t really kid-friendly in the evening since it is super crowded and such. So we got to enjoy good food, music, and just all the neat stuff vendors were selling.

Wiesbaden’s Wilhelm Straße Festival is one of the  biggest street festivals in all of Germany. It is just surreal when you go. They close down the entire main street and it is just lined with food vendors. Our main, big park down down is home to rides and a stage for musical performances. In front of the Casino is a ferris wheel, another music stage, and then all the ‘things’ vendors. So. Much. Fun. This year was extra special since we met up with my friend Sarah and her family. It was bittersweet since it was our last play date together before they moved back to the states!

Just heading into the festival… Bug got some rainbow popcorn. It was so gross and yet so addicting.

We started out in the kid’s area playing!

Baby was in HEAVEN. She loves jumping!

Princess climbing up to the slide!

Water play!

Bug doing some rock wall climbing!

Bug playing a fun bungee, tug of war type game in the kid’s area!

The girls riding around on the car merry-go-round!

Bug and I going on the swing ride! This ride was NO joke. I was dizzy for 10 minutes afterwards! It was FAST. I can’t believe that Lily loves it so much!

Princess and Baby driving their buddy around! 😉

So cute!

Baby ate a pretzel that was almost as big as she is!

Bug and Ryland on another ride!

Best buds!

Good byes are never easy, but they are always worth it when it means you’ve gotten to have such a good friend in your life! 🙂

Good bye hugs! Maybe someday we’ll be able to put this one in their wedding slide show. 😉

Finishing off the day with some cotton candy!

Never a dull moment!

These are just a few of my favorite moments from the day at the festival! If you want to view the entire album of pictures you can do that HERE on our photo share site. I


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