Schlossberghöhlen Homburg


Today is our first  day of vacation! Hip-Hip-Hooray! While I am disappointed that we aren’t currently on a bus headed for Croatia right now, that disappointment has quickly dissipated with all of the fun plans we have for this next week and a half! Today we started off our adventure with a close-to-home day trip! We headed to a city called Homburg (not to be mistaken with Hamburg which we visited earlier this year) and explored a cave! It was a lot of fun. I have always wanted to visit a cave, but I’m not a huge fan of enclosed spaces. (Not even exaggerating I had to close my eyes as we drove through the St. Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland!) However, these particular caves are nice and spacious and didn’t really bother me at all!

Hard hats on and heading into the caves!

There were some ‘safety walk ways’ set up in certain areas that gave me a nice sense of reassurance, too!

These caves are man made. This particular area was a bunker where they kind could hide out. The part of the caves we got to tour were the 10th floor out of 12! It is currently the only floor open for tour, however, the tour guide informed us the 11th and 12th floors will be opened this fall! Might have to go back!

Secret passage way in the cave.

Explorer Bug! She made sure to remind us NOT to push the red fire button every time she saw one. So glad. It was a 800 euro fee if you pushed them!

Seriously cool.

My girls and I in the cave!

Does that wavy pattern remind you of anything? The sea floor perhaps? Pretty neat, huh?

One of the main purposes of the caves being dug was for mining. They would harvest the yellow sand which is high in quartz and great for making glass. The red sand, though, has too much iron.

So crazy. The ‘floor’ was like walking around at the beach. Oh, and it was CRAZY cold.

Dad and his girls!

Me & my handsome Hubs rocking some hard hats… ha!

My super brave explorer girls!

I’ve never seen anything quite like it in my life. So beautiful!

After exploring the castle we headed up for some lunch and then exploring the castle ruins. One of the really neat things about these caves is that they are building into the hillside below the castle!!

A view out into Homburg.

A picnic lunch with a beautiful view of Homburg!

A view of the castle ruins!

These stairs were no joke.

Time to explore the castle ruins!

Looking down on the ruins! (And Bug!)

If I could squeeze Germany into a picture it might look a little like this. Red roofed houses, farm fields, green trees, and rolling hills as far as the eye can see. Only thing missing is a mighty river and some vineyards!

What a beautiful day to play atop a castle ruin!

Quite possibly the most nerve racking place we’ve gone with the children. These ‘railings’ were protecting them from falling to their death.

Checking out the old well. Mom, I promise it was covered and they couldn’t fall in!

Baby likes to blaze her own trail…

Thank goodness she has a Daddy to chase after her!

Another view of the ruins!

Princess and her favorite guy! 🙂

It was such a fun day! If you want to see more pictures from our trip you can view the entire album on our photo share site HERE.

Tomorrow we are continuing our vacation fun by attending Wiesbaden’s Wilhelm Strasse Festival! It was one of our favorite things that we did last year! This year we are meeting some friends to spend the day with and then in the evening Mr. and I have a babysitter so we can have a date night there as well! It should be a great time!




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