Good Day Sunshine!


We started out our week here in Wiesbaden with a bang… temps in the 90’s! I know a lot of my El Paso friends are scoffing since they’ve been in the 100’s, but just know that 90’s here is HOT… especially since we don’t have AC (and aren’t allowed to!). I can’t complain too much because we are very fortunate to have a place surrounded by trees. Even though we are on the third floor we are usually able to keep our house pretty comfortable. Granted, I haven’t cooked since last week, but at least we aren’t hot! 🙂

On Monday we had the pleasure of having a bunch of friends over to play again! It was SO much fun. I am so glad that so many friends came out to play. The kids all played so well together. I don’t think us Moms had to break up an argument all day! 🙂

It just so happened to be one of our sweet friend’s 3rd birthday!! So her awesome Mama had gotten a cake for everyone to share!! Super fun! And she is one of the cutest three year olds on the planet!

Cutting up the cake with kids all anxiously wait. 🙂 (Ps, isn’t my friend SO beautiful?! I am so envious of her red hair and freckles! So gorgeous!)

The whole gang of kids! Bug was super excited to make a new friend who is also starting Kindergarten this fall AND is our neighbor in the next building over!!

Mmm cake!

Two peas in a pod!

Oh these two. 🙂 He is pretty smitten about Bug. He gave her a note the other day telling her that he loved her. 🙂 Adorable! I really wish that they weren’t moving next week!! 😦

Proof that we did more than just eat cake! 😉

Bug and her new-future-kindergarten-buddy!

We have no idea what this creature is, but it was huge and it tried to eat my friend Sarah. Unfortunately he met his maker later on in the day. RIP scary bug.

So along came Tuesday. We had plans to go to a Splash Pad in Mainz (one city over), but a perfect storm of events happened making it hard for any of us to get there. SO my friend Sarah and I ended up meeting at our Entertainment Center (they have air conditioning.  our lives revolve around visiting places that actually have a/c these days.) for lunch and bowling with the kids!

Ready for lunch!!

Sweet baby boy bowling. 🙂 My friend is seriously THE best, most fun Mom in the whole world! I love watching her parent. 🙂

Band aids on both knees = lots of successful outdoor time!

Baby LOVED bowling so much!

And so did my ‘grown-up-kid’ Princess!

Seriously the most handsome, adorable little guy EVER.

My little ‘pro’ bowler didn’t even use the slide! It only took about 2 months for her bowling ball to reach the pins. 😉

After half a game of bowling (yes we only made it through 5 turns…) the kids were getting rowdy and since when we came in it had been a cool 80 degrees and cloudy we decided to leave the air conditioned haven and venture to a park! It was one near both our husband’s work places and so we figured it would be a great move. Ya, worst decision ever. It ended up being beautifully sunny and 90+ degrees. After 10 minutes at the park our kids were DRIPPING in sweat. You would have thought that we had actually gone to the splash pad. So gross. So we decided to see another semi-aircondition location for some ice cream. In the end, the girls and I ended up hanging out at Mr.’s work (another air conditioned location… I told you, we know where to go to stay cool!) for a while until we got off. 🙂

So, even though it has been blazing hot the past few days we have been having a blast! And its only Tuesday! Mr. has ONE more day of work this week and then we are on vacation!!!! So much fun stuff coming up soon! 🙂


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