Sunny Weekend!


We have been so blessed with some outstanding weather the past few days. We’ve literally been living outside. And I mean that! I think the only reason we’ve been inside is to go potty or grab something to take outside! It has been SO much fun. Our building has a really large grassy area surrounding it which gives us A LOT of room to play. And the last year or so I’ve been collecting some fun outside toys from garage sales and the thrift store which makes it lots of fun to have friends over to play, too! We’ve had a variety of friends over playing with us all weekend and it has been such a blast. The girls have been playing so hard! This evening we found Bug asleep in her bed over an hour before their normal bed time! I love summer time!

We only have one week left with these handsome boys! We’ll definitely be savoring every moment! They are such great friends!

Such a big girl riding the scooter around!

A couple more of our favorite friends over to play! 🙂 (Side note: I double french braided Bug’s hair today and it was super cute!)

Its summer!!! I love the barefoot, swim suit, running through the sprinkler and eating lots of watermelon days!

Catching some z’s in the shade!

She just loves stealing Mama’s cup with the straw! 🙂 Bug used to do the exact same thing to my Mom.

Nothing like ice cold water on a hot, 90 degree day!

There is also nothing quite like eating some fresh, local strawberries! We love strawberry season!

Best buds!

My three sweet girls!

First set of piggy tails! Adorable! We’ve been wearing them every day since! Just can’t get enough!

Enjoying some cherries outside in the sunshine!

She LOVES cherries!

Bring on the fun!!

Such a dare devil! At another point in the weekend she decided to take one of the little riding cars inside and ride it down the stairs to the basement. Obviously didn’t end well. Thankfully there were no broken bones this time, though!

Cooling off in the pool!

The look on her face cracks me up! She has gotten so brave with the sprinkler this year!

The ‘water slide’ is a huge hit!

SO much fun!

We have a couple more days of sunshine in our forecast before things cool off a bit. I am really looking forward to all the fun and friends we will get to have this week. AND the icing on the cake is that Mr. only has three days of work this week and then we start our vacation!!!


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