Rüdesheim Mother-Daughter Trip!


On Saturday Bug and I had such a fun opportunity! The two of us got to meet up with some other ladies from church to go on a Mother-Daughter trip! While I technically could have brought along all the girls, I thought that some special one on one time with Bug would be just what we needed!

My big girl and I before we left for the day!

All the girls needed some Mama love before we left for the day. I guess no one looking at the camera is just as good as everyone looking, right?

So we met up with a group of 7 other ladies/daughters (and one sweet baby boy!) and headed to a city called Rüdesheim, Germany. It is along the Rhein River (one of my favorite places in the world!) and it is just across the Rhein from Bingen which we’ve visited before on our way to see castles! I’d never visited this side of the Rhein, before, so I was really excited about the change in perspective. Plus it is always fun to scope out close, fun little day trips from when our families visit this summer!

A view across to Bingen. It was such a beautiful day!

We spent the first part of our day just walking around and looking in all the shops. It was a lot of fun! The particular street was the most narrow in Rüdesheim! Lots of fun shops along the way!

A view of Drosselgrasse!

Love all the timbered houses!

Bug modeling next to a super fun mail box for me. 🙂

A view of the Gondola heading up the hill!

After doing some window shopping we picked a fun little place to eat lunch together. We even got to sit outside on a balcony which was simply lovely. 🙂 After filling our bellies with lots of yummy German food we decided to ride the Gondola! It heads up to the Niederwald Monument up on the hill! Not to mention the beautiful views along the way! The Gondola ride was definitely Bug’s favorite part of the day! Well, that or the ice cream we had later in the day! 🙂

In our Gondola ready to head on up! So exciting!

Beautiful views of the vineyards in wine country!

A view of Rüdesheim, the Rhein, and Bingen across the river on a beautiful day!

Bug showing off the beautiful views!

Boosenburg Castle.

Taking in all the great views!

Beautiful, perfectly straight vineyards!

Feeling the wind rolling by. 🙂

Our group with the Niederwald Tample. Originally it was built in 1790 and was an inspiration for many great intellectuals. It was destroyed during WW2, but was rebuilt and re opened in 2006!

Another view of the temple!

Girls having fun!

The Niederwald Museum. It was built in the late 1800’s in celebration of Germany’s reunification after the Franco-Prussian war.

More amazing views!

Views like these never get old!

Bug and I up at the Niederwald Monument with a view of the Rhein River Valley below!

Another view of the Niederwald Monument. It stands about 125 feet tall. The Germania figure at the top stands 34 feet tall on its own! Simply amazing! For some perspective this monument stands about 26 feet taller than the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

The girls of our church at the Niederwald Monument. Don’t mind Bug. She was really wanting to go get ice cream!

A closer view of some of the monument. The man pictures at the center of the crowd on a horse is emperor Wilhelm I.

Another picture of our sweet girls and the beautiful view!

All in all, it was such  a fun day in Rüdesheim! And it was made even more fun with our great company! I am so glad that Bug and I got to get away for a day! If you’d like to see more pictures from our time in Rüdesheim you can view the entire album on our photo share site HERE.

Until next time, keep our sweet Baby girl in your prayers. She had an odd rash when I got home, but we really didn’t think too much of it. It started popping up in other areas, though, and after so investigation and input from some of our great medical professional friends we are fairly certain that she has chicken pox! Poor baby! So far she is doing pretty well and doesn’t seem too bothered by them. She obviously doesn’t feel well and isn’t sleeping well. It seems to be a pretty mild case, though, and we’re hoping that it clears up quickly and no one else gets sick so we can keep with our plans to visit Paris next weekend!





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  1. No wonder you are loving living in Germany. Such a beautiful place. So glad you are taking advantage and seeing so many different places.

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