Milan Trip Part 4!


If you missed the first posts I shared about Milan than you can catch up on those HERE, HERE, and HERE!

I have shared most everything about our trip so far, but I just felt like the Duomo Milan really deserved it’s own post! This is the official cathedral of Milan or technically speaking the seat of the Archbishop of Milan. We actually did get to see his residence while on our city tour which was really neat! Well, the outside anyways! It is a gothic style cathedral and reminded me a lot of the one that  Andy and I visited in Köln. This cathedral, though, is made of marble! It was insanely beautiful!

The cathedral is fairly old, too, which is fun! There is actually a part of the old baptistery that was built in 335 that can be visited under the Cathedral! The ground breaking on the cathedral itself officially began in 1386 and it was worked on in different capacities through the 1900’s! It is one of the oldest Christian buildings in Europe, the 5th largest cathedral in the world, and the largest cathedral in Italy! St. Peter’s Basilica is bigger, however, it is supposedly not considered a cathedral.

Instead of putting up all the pictures I took I am just going to put up some of my favorites. If you care to see more of Milan Duomo you can click HERE to view the entire album on our photo share site.

This cathedral reaches heights over 350 feet which isn’t quite as tall as the one we saw in Köln (over 500 feet). However, the Köln Cathedral’s towers are a ‘facade’ which doesn’t actually add the size of the Cathedral itself. (It does give it the largest facade of any church in the world, though!)

Huge stain glass windows! I can only imagine how beautiful they looked from the inside. I should mention that Keila and I didn’t get to go inside. We totally were not thinking about needing to be covered to enter out of respect and reverence. We both had dressed fairly light since we knew it would be a hot day! So, good to know fact for any one planning to visit cathedrals in Europe: you need to make sure your wear clothing that covers your legs and shoulder. No shorts or tank tops in cathedrals! 🙂

The white marble was just so breath taking!

This stained glass window is the oldest left on the Cathedral and dates back to the 1400’s.

Again, if you want to see more of the pictures I took of the Duomo Milan make sure and click HERE to view the entire album.


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