Milan Trip Part 3!


If you missed the first parts of my Milan adventure you can catch up HERE and HERE!

After we toured the Castle in Milan we then continued our tour through the city. We actually really lucked out with the weather. It was a beautiful day with the temperatures in the high 70’s. The very next day it was rainy and they had thunder and lightning storms! Thankfully we enjoyed our day with out any crazy weather and got a little sun, too! We saw so many fun things on the trip through the city. I wish I had had a piece of paper and pen to write everything down! It was all so interesting! So if I am forgetting what something is please forgive me! I can only remember so much!

This is a statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi. (Don’t be too impressed, I couldn’t remember and had to look it up!) He was a general who played a key role in bringing together a unified Italy. Did you know that Italy has only been a country (as we know it today) since 1861!?! That is one fun fact I learned in Milan!

This building was formerly a post office, but before that it was one of the three buildings of the first stock market! So neat!

I loved all the architecture in Milan. Not a dull corner in that place!

The Opera House in Milan! Some other people on our trip took the tour inside and said it was breath taking!

A statue in tribute to Leonardo DaVinci. The smaller sculptures below are of his four favorite pupils.

Vittorio Emanuele Gallery. One of the main shopping centers in Milan!

Basically every store in the Gallery was a huge, brand name. A lot of these designers originate from Milan.

We obviously didn’t shop here. It was sure fun to look, though!

The gallery itself was so beautiful!

The floors were so pretty too! This shield holds the symbol for Milan on it. Another area of the floor just next to this has a bull. Supposedly if you spin three times with your heel on the bulls’ man-hood (which is more of a crater now than anything) it will bring you good luck. I can’t say that I participated in that one, though! The line was hilariously long!

Beautiful artwork inside the Gallery!

As we approached the Palazzo Reale we came across this lovely scene! This couple had just been married and this was their little get-a-way! So much fun!

Inside the Palazzo Reale. This was home to the Visconti and Sforza families (who ruled Milan and built the fortress I shared before) as well as home to the Governors from Austria and Spain when those countries ruled over Milan. Today it is mostly just for museums and they have one area where people can be married. So fun!

This was the last stop on our guided tour. However, I did skip over the Milan Duomo (Cathedral) because I think that deserves it’s own post on another day. 🙂 After our guided tour we had about 6 hours to do whatever we pleased. There were SO many options. It was kind of hard to decide, but being that we were in Milan and it is the fashion capital of the world we opted to do a little shopping! We first stopped for some delicious pizza here:

It was definitely fun little place to eat!

After lunch we browsed through several stores. We even took the Metro to another area of Milan for some shopping. We were looking for the Outlet Shops and never really found those. Before we ended our day we enjoyed some super yummy gelato and relaxed among all the people of Milan on the grass by the fountain in front of the Castle! It was such a fun day!

If you want to see more pictures from the Milan City Tour you can view the entire album HERE!
Next time I’ll share some of my pictures from the cathedral!


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  1. What a fantastic opportunity for you to see Milano. Thanks for the mini history lessons along the way – so very interesting.

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