Milan Trip Part 2!


If you missed my first post about our Milan trip you can catch up HERE!

We left Wiesbaden at around midnight on Friday night and finally pulled into Milan (after a nice, long breakfast stop in Switzerland) around 9 am. We had a little free time and then we began our guided tour of the city. There is just so much history in Milan. I wish I could have written down and/or remembered more of what we learned.

The first place on our tour was Castello Sforzesco! The original fortress at the location was built in the 14th century when Milan was still a Dukedom ruled by the Visconti family. It was then added to in the 15th century when the Sforza Family took power of the Dukedom. Today the castle is open for the public to explore. As well, it contains several different museums.

The entrance to the castle. This front part of the castle has mostly been restored/rebuilt. However, the back side of the castle was still mostly original. It was pretty neat!

Inside the castle walls.

Another fun fact about this castle is that Davinci was commissioned to do some frescos here! We didn’t see them, though. His painting of The Last Supper is also another attraction in Milan. Might just have to go back to see some of his artwork in person someday!

This is the back side of the castle that I believe is basically in tact from the 15th century when it was built.

Castle Fountain.

If I remember correctly, this tower was built for Sforza’s wife and children to be kept safe.


Out the back side of the Castle is the Arch of Peace. This was originally built by Napoleon and the road leads to Paris! Originally the horses on the top faced the direction of Paris, but now they have been shifted to face back into Milan.

It was so much fun to visit the castle! To be honest, until the tour started and she told us it was a castle I didn’t even realize that it was! (So much for pre-trip research!) It was definitely a lot different than the types of castles we have seen and visited in Germany! It was such a fun experience and I am so glad that we had a tour guide to tell us all about the history and significance of different things!

To see the entire album of the Castle click HERE.

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  1. Whenever I have seen buildings that are so old I want to know more about what it was really like to live there. Cold and drafty at times I am sure. Imagine what it was like for the ordinary folks.

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