Milan Trip Part 1!


So as I mentioned in my Mother’s Day post, I really got to be spoiled for the entire weekend because my friend Keila and I got to go on a girls trip to Milan, Italy. I really had to pinch myself. Who just goes to Milan for the day?! One of the many, many blessings of being stationed here in Europe! It was definitely a long, tiring journey that amounted to 27 hours out and about straight, but it was such a great time and I wouldn’t trade it in for the world!

Keila & I at the end of our time in MIlan! We were exhausted, but still full of smiles!

One of my favorite parts about our trip to Milan is that we got to drive through Switzerland! I definitely have Switzerland on my bucket-list of places to visit while we live here, but it is SO expensive that I wasn’t sure we’d ever make a trip there. The Alps are nothing short of breath taking. After the short time that we spent there on our way to Milan I think that Andy and I may have to save up to try and make a trip to Switzerland to spend more time there at some point!

A view of the Swiss Alps while on the road. Sorry for the window glare!

Another view. Really, these are super lame compared to what we saw. It was just tough to get pictures that were half-way decent from the bus!

And! I can say that we did more than just drive through Switzerland! We actually stopped and ate breakfast there! It was so much fun. And expensive! 🙂

Our breakfast! My was over $12 usd. What did I tell ya, expensive. 🙂

View from our breakfast table!

Simply amazing views as we headed towards Northern Italy.

Lago di Como!

I have so much to share about Milan and only so much time to sit and write at a time so you all with have to bare with me. 🙂 If you want to see the entire album from my time in Switzerland click HERE. (You can also view the other albums of Milan if you want a sneak peak while you wait for me to catch up on Blogging!)


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