Mother’s Day!


I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day and appreciated your Mamas! We had such a fun day together as a family. I was really, truly celebrated and appreciated all weekend! A few months ago my friend Keila approached me about doing a Milan trip for a girls little get away. As the day approached we realized that it was perfect timing for Mother’s Day! We spent all day Saturday exploring Milan and having a blast! I took a bunch of pictures and cannot wait to share them all with you! That will be coming soon! I promise! First things first, though, I want to share about how sweet my family was to me on the actual day of Mother’s Day.

I got home from Milan at 3:30am on Mother’s Day. We had left at midnight on Friday night so that meant I had been traveling for about 27 hours! I got a few hours of sleep on Friday night and then coming home I actually got quite a bit which meant that thankfully I wasn’t too exhausted from all the traveling! I came home in the wee hours of the morning to a spotless house! Andy was so excited to tell me about all the fun adventures that they had had on Saturday from a car wash to the library! I love when he gets to be home and be Dad with out the stress of work! So nice!

I woke up this morning and went out to the kitchen to make some waffles (I like my own waffles so I don’t mind cooking for myself on Mother’s Day!) and discovered this:

I have no idea how they snuck this out between 3:30 when I got home and 8 or so when I came out to the kitchen, but I was very surprised!

Front of my card! I am pretty sure my husband is more crafty than I am. And yes, he does have a Pinterest account. 🙂


The girls and I at church on Sunday Morning!

We went to the Brauhaus (a German restaurant) for lunch after church! The girls ALL had to sit by Mama! Daddy was feeling mighty lonely on the other side of the table.

My little cheese balls!

Bug and I sharing some Spargel Soup (White Asparagus Soup!). It was SOO good! Yum!

I feel so blessed! Being a Mom is truly the greatest gift ever!



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  1. There is no doubt that you are appreciated and loved! Not only that but you are looking great and I mean great. You just get more beautiful every day – being a wife and mom really agrees wtih you. You are such a blessing to Andy and the girls.

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