Luxembourg Part Three!


If you missed the first two blogs about our Luxembourg Adventure you can catch up on those HERE and HERE!

After a long day in Luxembourg we made one final stop at Chateau Vianden. We see a lot of castles and cathedrals when we travel through Germany so I felt a little bad planning on seeing a castle in Luxembourg, too. I almost scratched it off our list entirely because it did add some extra time to our journey. I am so glad that I didn’t. It is my favorite castle that I have been to thus far! If you are my friend in Facebook you already got a sneak peak at this beauty. Here is the view we had as we were about 5 minutes away from this gorgeous castle:

This is the stuff that dreams are made of. I may have actually had to pinch myself. Sometimes our adventures just don’t feel like they could be real life.

A view up to the castle from where we parked.

Views like this never get old.

Big, bold, and breath-taking.

Our sweet Bug exploring the castle.

It always amazes me how these spectacular things are built out of what looks like such randomness!

Bug about to head in to explore the castle!

Mr. wants to try on a suit of armor SO badly.

Cannon Balls!

Mr. wants a sword like this, too. He’s a wishful thinker. 😉

As soon as we walked in and the girls saw this they could not wait to try it out. Should I be concerned?? ha And naturally my sweet, sweet husband has to make his mark on the picture. haha Never a dull moment!

Princess’ turn! Her arms barely reached the holes!

Breath taking views of the village below!

I love this picture of her. Hole in the tights and all! It is just so Bug.

The bedroom!

The kitchen. And that is not a real person. Totally freaked me out at first.

Dinning Room!

The tapestries were super fun!

This is just a taste of our time at the castle! If you’d like to see more you can view the entire album on our photo share site HERE.

Next time I post I will be sharing some beautiful pictures of Milan, Italy!! Why? Oh because I get to go with a friend on Saturday! Kid Free! I love my girls, but man, I cannot wait to go to Italy for a girls shopping trip!! Oh and did I mention that it is Italy?!? Just a little bit excited!


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  1. You will treasure all the pictures you are taking in the years to come. What an experience. Just think of the people who walked around that castle hundreds of years ago.

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