Luxembourg Part Two!


If you missed the first part of our Luxembourg Adventure you can catch up on that HERE. After starting out our morning in Luxembourg City we then climbed into the car, ate some lunch, and drove through the beautiful heart of Luxembourg. Narrow roads, insanely sharp turns, and beautiful landscape made for a really fun afternoon! Our next stop was the Esch-Sur-Sûre. It is the second smallest town in Luxembourg with a population of a whopping 300 some odd people. It was sweetly tucked away in a bend in the river surrounded by rolling hills fill with big, beautiful, green trees!

Since we were down in the town we didn’t get the beautiful, breath taking view of the river winding around the small little town from above. To get a glimpse of that you can visit HERE.

We found a small part of town located on the river with a little park and decided to get out and play. As fun as it is to sight see some of the big, tourist destinations in Europe it is also nice to stop in the little, quiet areas too. Not to mention that the girls really enjoyed getting to run around and play!

A view from the park on the Sauer River!

My ever-fun-loving husband. 🙂

Playing at the park with Daddy in Luxembourg!

Beautiful little park in a beautiful little town!

View of the Castle ruins. This Castle was originally built in 937.

Another perk of visiting this part of the country was that we ‘had’ to drive through the Ardennes which is the Nature Reserve area of Luxembourg. Breath taking views.

Again, a nice rural two lane road that basically only fit out tank of a car! Fun times! Thankfully we never encountered other cars… just a few motorcycles who easily fit by us. 🙂

So we had to pull over for a potty break (our kids are determined to leave their mark on Europe apparently) and we found a bunch of these little critters! In fact, they were so interested (read scary for our girls) that no one actually even went potty.

Our beautiful drive through the Luxembourg country side eventually brought us to our final stop in Luxembourg — Chateau Vianden! I’ll share more about that trip next time! Until then, feel free to check out our entire album of this leg of the journey on our photo share site HERE!


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