Luxembourg Part One!


Never heard of Luxembourg? Neither had I until we moved here! It is a teeny, tiny little country. In fact it is smaller land wise than Rhode Island and has a population around the same size as Seattle (or El Paso for my TX friends). The actually speak a bunch of languages in Luxembourg, but a lot of what we saw out and about was in French. It was kind of overwhelming since Mr. and I don’t know any French. I was laughing because I felt relieved when we crossed back into Germany because I actually could read the signs… which is funny because they are in German I don’t speak very much German either! I guess it is just more familiar! Also hilarious was Mr. and my attempts at pronouncing the French words. Despite being American and barely speaking German we still found our selves trying to say the French words like they would be pronounced in German. It was great fun.

Another blast from our trip was all the rural driving we did. Absolutely gorgeous… and nerve racking. This is a two lane road. Our tank of a car took up most of it. The speed limit was 90 km/h. It was insane. Good old Deutschland!

Crossing into Luxembourg and leaving Germany for the very first time since we moved here 15 months ago!

So I was a super planner this trip and researched a bunch of places for us to see. Our first stop was some sights in and around Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. The first place we couldn’t find. The parking garage I had planned for was full. It all totally worked out, though. We found another parking garage close by and were able to get around to all the places we wanted to see… even the first place we couldn’t find! It turned out that it was within walking distance of everything despite what Google Maps was trying to tell me.

Our first stop was in an area where the courts and such were. We walked out and took in this beautiful view:

The area down in the valley is called the Grund and considered Luxembourg’s ‘Venice’ as all the buildings are built up to the river. In the far distance you can also see St. Michael’s church on the hill (more on that later) and the Bock and Casemates (the holes in the cliffs in the distance are part of it).

Beautiful view of St. Michael’s Church! We actually visited it later in the day although it was hard to get a good picture of it from the street. It is the oldest church in Luxembourg. The original church was built here in 987 and the current structure has been there since 1866. So beautiful.

Closer view down into the Grund. You can see the houses built right on the water. Shortly after this we took an elevator (so strange and cool) down to the Grund and stood on the bridge/street pictured below!

Down in the Grund of Luxembourg with a beautiful view of the Alzette River.

Baby taking in the beautiful view.

Daddy and his girls down in the Grund!

The girls and I down in the Grund! (St. Michael’s Church is on the hill in the background!)

Heading towards the Notre Dame of Luxembourg. It was originally a Jesuit Church that was built in the 1600’s. It became the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Luxembourg City in the late 1800’s.

Hays Girls near the Notre Dame of Luxembourg.

Another view of the Notre Dame of Luxembourg. (Sorry its crooked!)

Beautiful, breath-taking stain glass inside the Notre Dame of Luxembourg.

Another view of the dome and the stain glass.

Beautiful architecture!

Another beautiful stain-glass window.

A view from the front of the cathedral into the seating area. In the very back are the pipe organs. When we first arrived there was a pipe organ concert going on! So beautiful!

One last view of Notre Dame.

Quite possibly the best picture from the day. They had to copy the fountains.

A view of the Grand Duke’s Palace. Right in the heart of down town! Luxembourg is the last country in the world to still be ruled by a Grand Duke!

It was super awkward to take this picture, but we thought it was kind of cool there was an actual guard with a very large weapon guarding the door!

Another view of the Grand Duke’s Palace!

A view of St. Michael’s church from the side walk in front of it. Not the best picture, but still beautiful!

Bug really loved the statue of St. Michael and so she had to have her picture with it! 🙂

A view of the Grund from the opposite side than before. Pretty, huh?

St. John’s Church down in the Grund. This was built in the 1600’s.

A view towards the Bock Casemates in Luxembourg. Originally this was a castle (built in the 900’s) that Luxembourg city got its beginnings from. The casemates are the underground tunnels within!

Another view of St. John’s Church on the Alzette River.

When we finally got to the Bock Casemates it was WAY past lunch time and we were all kind of itching to get back to the car for our lunches. SO we didn’t actually go inside. We will just have to go back! But here is our pseudo casemate picture in one of the little caves just outside the entrance!

Daddy and his girls in a ‘casemate’ looking out into the Grund.

Such a fun little alley way on our way back to our car!

So, that should give you a jist for the first part of our trip in Luxembourg! If you want to see more pictures from Luxembourg city (because there are TONS) just CLICK HERE to view the entire album on our photo share site. Next I’ll share with you our trip to the Esch-Sur-Sûre and Chateau Vianden in Luxembourg!


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  1. As I have said before, I think it is so great that you guys are taking advantage of being in Europe and seeing so many things – funny how we think of something that’s 200 years old around here as really old!! I’m also glad you are careful about having the proper documents. In the many countries I have traveled I have seen how important that can be. Just one time not following the laws can be serious. I laughed when you mentioned the problems reading French etc. One time we had to dry dock in Martinique which is strictly French. We were there 2 weeks and I had plenty of business things I had to do for the ship. It sometimes was pretty frustrating. In Spain so many words are similar to English but French is a language all its own!!

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