Easter 2014!


Our Easter was a pretty laid back one that is for sure! I think the girls spent the entire day in their jammies! No, big beautiful Easter dresses for us this year. It was really nice, though, to have a fun day together as a family!

Mr and I  The Easter Bunny had a great idea to hide some eggs in tricky places so that the girls would randomly find eggs through out the day which was super fun. There are still some in coat pockets that have yet to be discovered, but will probably be quite the thrill sometime soon. There were also eggs hidden EVERYWHERE. Bug woke up and was tickled pink to find some in her room. She told me, “Mom! Peter Cottontail came and he played with my toys!” Too cute!

The girls’ baskets… and overflowing fun! They got lots of outdoor fun activities and some beach things for our trip to Croatia in June!

My littlest sunshine all bright eyed and bushy tailed.

We corralled them all in our room until ALL the sisters were awake so that they could open their baskets together.

Ready, set, go! Seeing what fun goodies that they had in their baskets!

Getting ready to hunt for some eggs!

On their egg hunt!

Baby didn’t have any trouble figuring out what to do! Especially when she figured out what was inside those eggs!

Bug hunting for eggs!

Sweet Princess on her hunt for eggs!

Happy Baby!

Bug with a basketful of eggs!

She’s adorable.

Ready to open some eggs!

Princess ready to open some eggs!

Bug opening her eggs up! For the record, I only bought 2 bags of jelly beans this year. A lot of these eggs were filled with recycled Easter candy from last year. No joke. My kids seriously rarely eat candy. Unless it is a KinderEgg. Then that bad boy is devoured before we even leave the Globus parking lot!

Jelly Beans for breakfast!!! (We also had a yummy second breakfast of waffles!)

One of their gifts was a bubble machine! Hello bubble fun with out Mama passing out!

The girls had a blast with those bubbles. Another gift they got was a giant bubble wand! They loved having Mr. make kid-sized bubbles! So much fun!

We finished off our day with a yummy ham dinner and some lemon cream roll cake that I picked up at Globus. Have I mentioned how much I love German desserts? I do! Germans use about 1/2 the sugar Americans do in their sweet treats. Its nice to enjoy a dessert with out a sugar overload! 🙂

Hope every one had a great Easter!



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