Fasanerie with Friends!


I remember the first time that I ‘met’ Sarah. It was probably a month or two ago. Mr. and I were outside with the girls playing at the park one weekend and she and her family were doing the same at the same park. Bug and her oldest son  struck up a quick friendship midst a game of building a ‘fire.’ They had to have been collecting ever stick they could find for a good hour. Princess, meanwhile, went and talked Sarah’s ear off while Mr. and I sat in another part of the park feeling awkward. It wasn’t until we few weeks later that we finally got brave and started chatting and now we’re buds! Funny how that works! 🙂 Anyways! Yesterday, since we were having nice weather, we decided to take the kids on an adventure to Fasanerie. Such a fun place!

This trip was a little different than the last one. We didn’t see nearly as many animals. In fact we thought we lost the kids at one point because they took off when we were looking at animals because they wanted to just play at the park. (I think Sarah and I both nearly had heart attacks! Scary!) We did get to feed a bunch of animals this time which was a huge hit! All in all, it was such a fun day! Sarah and I got to visit lots! I am so bummed they won’t be here in Germany much longer! In the meant time, though, I hope we can have a lot more fun little adventures together!

Baby checking out the goats! The loved feeding them carrots!

Princess’ turn!

Baby goats! So adorable!

Baby feeding the goats! She and Princess totally loved it! Bug on the other hand just chucked carrots into the pen. She was a scaredy-cat!

Princess feeding the sheep! It was so sweet, these girls were cheering them on for feeding the sheep and saying, “Super!”

And Baby feeding the sheep!

Sweet baby lamb! Sarah wanted to take him home! 🙂

Petting the Reindeer!

The whole gang! So glad we didn’t end up really losing any of them! 😉

Baby posing for pictures! haha

This big guy propped himself up on the fence to reach the leaves in the tree! So huge!

Once the reindeer ate the leaves from the tree the kids made the connection and started finding leaves to find them! So fun!

Princess feeding the reindeer! When my Mom saw this she was kind of concerned that the reindeer could’ve eaten Princess. Too funny!

Such a fun day with such great friends! Can’t wait until next time!

To view the entire album with pictures from our trip click HERE.

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