The is a little hidden gem here in Wiesbaden that we discovered last summer with my friend Tiana called the Fasanerie. The day that we met Tiana and her kids there was super hot and muggy and we just really didn’t get around all too much there. It was pretty miserable. So we ended up heading home and playing here together instead. Anyways, I have been wanting to go back and explore it a little more and Andy has been wanting to see it for the first time.

On Friday, in lieu of his upcoming birthday, Mr. had the day off and the weather was supposed to be nice. Key word is supposed to be. It ended up being pretty cloudy. It was still warm and dry, though, so I can’t really complain all too much. All this to say, we went to Fasanerie together as a family. Now, I am sure you are wondering what this big fancy word even is. Its basically a zoo. Or I think more accurately it is a Nature Park. It isn’t as big as a typical zoo, by any means, but it is free which definitely makes it my favorite zoo. Oh and it is about 10 minutes from our house which makes it even more so my favorite zoo. I am thinking the girls and I will be headed back there many, many times in the upcoming months. They love the animals and there is a super fun park there, too! (I also really, really love that they get to go to places like this and play at parks with German kids. Getting to dive in and just experience life with Germans is the best part of living here!)

The Hays Girls ready to take on the Fasanerie!

Another shot of my darlings!

One of my favorite things about the Fasanerie is how little-kid friendly it is. There are these little windows/peep holes at the perfect height all over. Here is Baby checking out the chickens and rooster!

Following the Leader!

Playing at the super fun park!

The had a blast playing in the sand! It made me really excited for our week on the beach in Croatia this June!!

Daddy got his work out in with this super fun merry-go-round toy!

So fun!

He may be 25 now, but he is still about 5 years old at heart.

Inside was a little fort where you could get a closer look at the bunny and guinea pig exhibit!

Sweet Princess and a little perspective of what Mr. was squeezing in and out of. ha

Lots of babies all around at the Fasanerie today! The girls were just giddy about the baby lambs!

Checking out the huge pig!

Beautiful view watching some beautiful Bison.

The Bison.

Traveling around this ‘zoo’ was like being out in the forest on a hike. This is what the path typically looked like and you would stumble upon animals along the way. Oh, and a ton of it was uphill. It was no joke. I got a great work out today. ha

Reason number 5 billion trillion why I love Germany: Germans let you get nice and close to the animals! I have never seen a bear so close in my entire life. It was fantastic!

Literally about 10 feet and a thin fence away from a bear who was probably thinking Baby looked like a tasty snack.

We also got nice and friendly with a wolf, too! In this exhibit there were (that we saw) 3 bears and 2 wolves.

Bug was pretty excited about the wolf! She was howling the whole time.

Such a beautiful bear!

Did I mention that there were gorgeous views everywhere?? Um yeah. There were.

Wild pigs! If you look really closely you might be able to see the piglets. There were 7 of them and 3 adults (that we counted), but they were super well camouflaged!

Bug was super excited to see a deer so closely. The deer was not so excited to see Bug that closely. 🙂

Up close to some Linx! Unreal!

Bug could have petted the Linx. Granted he probably would’ve bit off her fingers, but she could’ve.

There were a total of SEVEN Lynx in there that we counted!

The girls probably loved the Wild Cats the best! They looked a lot like regular cats, but they had a much thicker tail. The high light of the trip had to be at this exhibit. The cats were working on some of their very own kittens. Perfect timing, right? We told the girls they were just wrestling. Good grief. Maybe next time we go there will be kittens. 😉

Daddy picked her a dandelion and she was pretty excited!

All the girls with their flowers from Daddy.

We found some monkey bars which were super fun! So proud of Bug! She just about did them all by herself!

There she goes! Such a big girl!

Princess got a turn, too!

Even Baby got a turn!

We seriously waited around for about 5 minutes while she was just walking up and down those few steps. She just thought it was the best thing ever.

Well, it was lunch time, so we needed to head home. Mr. went to go snag Baby and she took off running. She LOVES playing chase, too! She was laughing hysterically!


Finally caught her!

Now, I am sure you are assuming the girls are roaring like a bear. Nope. They were trying to eat it because it is a ‘chocolate bear.’

One last picture before hitting the road!

To view the entire album of our day at Fasanerie click HERE.


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