Frankfurt Zoo


Have I mentioned that the weather we had over the weekend was absolutely beautiful? Oh yeah. About a million times. I just can’t get over it. It was incredible. So! We just couldn’t waste a moment. After a busy day on Saturday spent at a Schloss and various parks we decided we needed something fun to do on Sunday as well. After floating around a few ideas we decided to head to the zoo. We had heard that the Frankfurt Zoo was pretty good and after a little looking into it we discovered it was also very affordable. So off we went!

We really all loved the zoo! It wasn’t as ‘nice’ as the Hannover Zoo, but it had a lot of more animals. In fact, we didn’t even see them all. I think we could’ve spent a lot more time there, but I didn’t think to pack any lunch and the food stands there only took cash (we had used the last of our euro to get in) and so hungry girls drove us home a little earlier than we had thought. Thankfully it is really close and so we can (and plan to!) go back sometime soon! We are actually thinking of getting a pass because it was really somewhere we could see ourselves going regularly!

The Hays girls do the Frankfurt Zoo!

The Lion wasn’t feeling particularly friendly and just kept hanging out in the corner.

Bug was particularly happy because the Frankfurt Zoo has tigers as well!

This is who the girls’ dubbed the baby tiger. There was another, slightly larger tiger who they dubbed the Momma tiger. I am pretty sure that isn’t exactly accurate, but I couldn’t read all the German to disprove them. 😉

One thing that always amazes me about Zoo’s is getting to see how big these animals are in the flesh. So much bigger than they seem on TV!

This monkey was a big hit with the girls. We probably spent the longer at this exhibit than any of the others.

If you look closely you can see some Canadian Geese. They had a nest there and we could see the eggs. Apparently Monkey wasn’t too thrilled and was trying to get them to leave. He’d sneak over and swat at them and flee quickly. Almost like a little kid. It was pretty funny. We were waiting for a great goose-monkey show down, but nothing ever happened.

Sweet Sisters strolling around the Zoo.

Bug LOVED the fountains!

Checking out the camels! Fun fact: Bug rode a camel two summers ago at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium with her Aunt Jessie! She also fed a giraffe that same summer! She is one experienced kid!

We got to catch part of a seal show/feeding which was pretty fun!

The under water viewing area for the seals was pretty neat, too!

All three girls watching the seals swim around! They loved it so much!

The Zoo Keeper put out a hose right as we were walking up and then the seals each proceeded to drink from the hose!

So fun fact, even though this outfit looks made for each other it totally didn’t come together! The shirt was Princess’ from last summer and I think the skirt was a hand-me-down from another friend! I was so excited when I put them together. My ‘berry’ cute little Baby!

We got up close and personal with a Rhino! That is Mr. over there in the Black shirt!

Such a beautiful Rhino!

Bug sat with this little monkey for quite some time. 🙂 She just loved him!

Another fun part of the zoo was that they had a really great park! Seems like all Zoo’s do here in Germany! And they had a nocturnal building and so Lily and I got to go in and see some bats (no pictures allowed). There were a lot of other animals we didn’t get to see and we’re hoping to get back soon!

To see more pictures from our Zoo trip you can view our entire album HERE!

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