Schloss Biebrich


Last summer while my Mom was here visiting we met our friends, The Johnson’s, in another part of Wiesbaden (Biebrich) for dinner. You can catch-up or refresh on that adventure HERE. During our time together we discovered a Schloss (Palace) that was located right by the restaurant. My Mom loved it and has already said how she wants to go back this year and walk along the Rhein and see the Schloss again. Mr. was in the States at the time and missed the entire thing, but apparently this was also somewhere he had really wanted to go and he was bummed he’d missed it. SO on Saturday when we were debating what to do on a gorgeous, sunny day we decided that it would be worth it to head over that way. It was such a great choice! We enjoyed a nice, sunny walk along the Rhein as well as the breath taking sights of the Schloss. We also learned that the Schloss has a park that is HUGE and lots of fun to walk around. It was a great way to spend our Saturday morning!

Down on the Rhein ready to walk! It definitely looks a lot different with out all the flooding this year!

Princess just strolling along the Rhein. No big deal.

Daddy and his girls enjoy a nice morning walk.

Oh what a view!

Sweet Baby enjoying her ride! She is one smart cookie. We tried getting her to walk a bit, but she knows better. The stroller is the way to go!

Just being silly!

Daddy and his girls at the Rhein!

Picture time with Mom — lets pick our nose and make weird faces! ha Only my girls!

The good life.

Time for pictures of the Schloss!

View from the side as we were walking up to it.

This is actually the back side of it. It faces the Rhein! I have a feeling that basically every room in this place has an incredible view of the Rhein!

Daddy and his girls up at the top of the balcony!

View of the beautiful back balcony facing the Rhein!

View of the one side of the Schloss.

Baby and I at the top of the balcony!

This is a view looking at the front of the Schloss. Behind me is the Schloss Park.

Closer view of the entrance!

She is picky about how her shoes feel just like her Mama!

Climbing trees at the Schloss Park. Yes, she is holding on for dear life.

This is why.

Princess was a little less concerned with the height!

Bug wearing her cool shades!

One last picture of the Schloss and Mr. with the girls on the balcony!

If you’d like to see more pictures from our time at the Schloss you can see them HERE at our photo share site.


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  1. Those girls are always a delight to see – so cute – but it is nice to see you in some pictures too. You are looking so pretty, Kelsey! Motherhood really agrees with you.

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