Berlin Wall


This is totally unrelated to our trip to the Berlin Wall, but I just have to share that today is a very big day in the Hays household. Today our sweet Bug girl is getting registered for Kindergarten! I have no idea how she is old enough for that yet, but alas, she is. She is so excited. When I told her she thought it meant she could start school tomorrow. Poor kid! At least we have a lot of really amazing things to look forward to in the coming months to keep her busy including trips to France, Czech Republic, Croatia, Italy, and many more exciting adventures! I can hardly wait!

Our last day on the road on our vacation was spent in Berlin. It definitely was one of those places we could’ve spent days in. There was so much to see and do there. Since we only had one day (and not even a full one) we had to set priorities. The biggest one for Mr. and I was to go see the Berlin Wall. We also wanted to throw in a fun kids event, too. So we opted to go to the wall and then the Museum of Natural History. It was a great combo!

I personally came into this experience with a very vague idea of what the Berlin wall was. I knew it divided the city and was an oppressive force. I can’t honestly say, though, that I had ever even seen a picture of it when it was standing or really knew just how devastating it was for so many people. It was a really powerful experience to be there standing next to it realizing that a little over 25 years ago there were people who could only dream of being able to get around that wall.

I took a lot of pictures. I am having a really hard time knowing which ones to share and which ones to leave on our Photo Share Site.
Here are a few that I just really love:

This was at the beginning of the memorial. It took us about 5 minutes to walk there from our hotel. Each of these rods represents where someone tried to cross the wall.

There was SO much information everywhere. Had we not had 3 restless kids in tow we probably could’ve spent an entire day here learning.

One problem they ran into while building the wall was an existing cemetery. They ended up moving the cemetery, however, since the fall of the wall they replaced this gate which is where the original cemetery gate once stood.

There were two of these cross memorials in remembrance of the cemetery that was moved.

This is a view of the relocated cemetery.

Baby at the Berlin Wall Memorial.

The girls and I standing next to the Berlin Wall.

In her own world. I am so glad we have this opportunity to explore Germany right now and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. My only wish is that our girls were a little older and could really understand what incredible things they are getting to see.

Mr. and the girls standing next to part of the wall.

Bug standing by where a guard building used to be located.

Pieces of the wall torn apart. I love how you can still see how they fit together before.

A memorial to all those who lost their lives at the Berlin Wall.

Mr. and I at the Berlin Wall Memorial.

Little girl, big wall.

The memorial stone at the memorial site.

The backside of the memorial has the 10 commandments engraved on it.

Where the wall once stood now only marked by where people tried to escape it.

A view down part of the remaining wall.

Another view of the wall.

The Hays Family at the Berlin Wall. March 18, 2014.

You can view the entire album of our time at the Berlin Wall HERE.

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  1. Very touching to see the Wall – glad you got to experience it. I remember it very well – all the people who tried to escape and were shot down. An awful reminder (along with Hitler) of what people do to other people. Your pictures will be priceless in the years to come.

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