On the Monday of our vacation we spent most of our day in Hamburg at the Miniature Wonderland. We left Hamburg around 1pm which worked out perfectly since that is typically nap time around these parts. After a full morning of excitement, full bellies, and some time playing and burning off energy the girls all crashed and slept most of the 2 1/2 hour drive from Hamburg to Berlin.

The drive was uneventful. No one barfed which made it the best drive of our vacation yet! And there really was nothing to see on the road between Hamburg and Berlin. Just a whole lot of nothing. A little different than what we are used to in Western Germany! Getting to Berlin was super easy. Even navigating within Berlin was not bad at all. I was nervous since it is a big city, but the traffic wasn’t too terrible. Lots of bikes! Unfortunately just as we were about to arrive at our hotel the GPS told us we couldn’t get to our hotel because the road was closed. Thankfully we remembered some of our driver’s training and successfully navigated a Umleitung (detour) with out the GPS’ help and eventually found our hotel with some handy driving on Andy’s part. (I should also mention that he is a stud because he did ALL the driving on this trip!!) We finally got into the hotel and settled around 4 or 4:30. The weather wasn’t fantastic, it was starting to get dark, and we were hungry-ish so we opted to just stay in.

Baby and Bug standing in our hotel room in Berlin looking out into the city. There was no privacy what so ever. In fact there were construction workers on scaffolding to the right of our window right at our hotel level. It was great! Not really.

We ate dinner at our hotel restaurant that night which was really the only ‘bad’ decision I feel like we made on the trip. The food was fine, but the total cost was outrageous and our waitress really took advantage and overcharged us. The only ‘cool’ part was that Andy got to drink a Berliner (type of beer) in Berlin. He says it is the best beer he’s ever had. Thankfully we don’t ever have to go back! 😉 We all settled in for the night pretty early and got a long night’s sleep!

The next morning we were ready for action! Keeping with our awkward food traditions can you guess what we had for breakfast?

Berliners! There just so happened to be a Rewe (German brand of grocery store chains) next door to our hotel which included a bakery and these delicious little gems!

Yummy, yummy goodness! (Hand model props to my hubs!)

Bug was SUPER excited to be having doughnuts for breakfast! And to be watching cartoons even if they were all in Germany. I will say, for all my fellow Moms out there, Caillou is a MUCH less annoying show in German. Most likely because I really couldn’t understand him. And the German version of his voice doesn’t quite induce the same ear bleeding as the American version.

Princess having a lazy morning! The hotel gave each of the girls these cute little pillows with bears attached. The bears even snore! So cute and so annoying all in one.

The challenge, for us any way, when traveling with kids seems to be finding balance between things that they enjoy and things that we enjoy. There were a lot of sights we wanted to see in Berlin. In hind sight I wish we would’ve spent more time there. Our hotel was in a prime location for walking to everything. At the same time, though, the girls just are not interested in the same things that Mr. and I are. So we opted for a combination of sorts. We started out our day at the Berlin Wall Memorial (coming soon!) and then we headed to the Museum of Natural History (also coming soon!) which is home to the tallest dinosaur skeleton in the world! It worked out so well and everyone was so happy!

There were a few other sights that Mr. and I felt like we just could not leave Berlin with out seeing. It was also lunch time and quickly approaching nap time and we knew we needed to get on the road. SO we decided to just drive by a few places and it worked out really well since they all ended up being in direct path of each other!

Coming up along the Brandenburg Gate.

We ended up at a stop light with this view. Perfection! 🙂 The Brandenburg gate.

We passed this along the road as well. I assumed it was a church, but after getting home I wasn’t seeing any churches that looked like this. SO I have no idea what this is a picture of other than we saw it in Berlin and it was beautiful!

We didn’t even mean to see this beauty and honestly didn’t know what it was until we got home! This is the Victory Column! So beautiful!

Schloss Charlottenburg! So grand and beautiful. Mr. was laughing at me because I shot about 100 pictures continuously as we drove by. I ended up with this little gem and you would never guess we were driving in a car. He doesn’t make fun of me anymore. 😉

We then filled up the car and grabbed some lunch at good old McDonalds. Then we started on our incredible exciting (not really) journey the whole five hours back home. Thankfully the girls all slept for a good portion of it and were happy watching Gummi Bears on our portable DVD player when they weren’t sleeping.

Bug rocking her new shades from McDonalds. My favorite part about McDonalds here is that they always let you pick whichever prize you want! I knew these glasses would be a big hit!

She was pretty traumatized from the whole barfing all over the car incident on the way to Hannover. She pretty much whined and cried every time we got in the car for the rest of that trip. Who can blame her? The car smelled like barf! Thankfully now that it is clean and smelly nice she doesn’t seem to mind the car so much anymore.

Princess also got some pretty cool shades! 🙂 And no, the kids don’t keep their shoes on in the car. Ever. Even on the 2 minute drive to the grocery store!

To see the full album of our snap shots from Berlin click HERE. The pictures from the Berlin Wall and Museum of Natural History, though, are in their own separate albums. Feel free to take a sneak peak of those HERE and HERE. OR you can just wait a few more days for me to get around to making them into a blog post!


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