Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg


After starting our adventure in Hannover and enjoying our time in Hamburg along came Monday which meant moving on to Berlin. Berlin, to be fair, was kind of an after though to our adventure. Originally we were only going to go to Hamburg, but after the decision to take some leave and after we discovered how much closer Berlin is to Hamburg than our home we decided we definitely should make the trip there. However, before we headed to Berlin that Monday we had one last adventure planned for Hamburg. Around Christmas time a friend of mine sent me a video for the Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg that had been all done up for Christmas. It looked like so much fun, but unfortunately we weren’t able to make the 5 hour trip up there at that time. So, since we were in town, I figured that the non-Christmas decorated Miniature Wonderland would still be pretty awesome. It totally was! There was fun to be had for all in our family. I will admit, Baby lost interest a little quicker than I’d hoped. To be fair, though, it was not baby safe what so ever. We basically had to hold her the whole time or else she could have grabbed trains off tracks and caused all sorts of other mayhem. Bug and Princess really enjoyed the trains and could’ve watched them go around all day! Mr. and I also really enjoyed that, but also enjoyed how much detail went into each exhibit. It was huge. I don’t even know how to explain how big of a display this way. It definitely blew all my expectations out of the water and I would totally recommend it to anyone heading to the Hamburg area — both young and old of heart!

The first exhibit that we saw was, fittingly, the American one! I am glad it was first and the girls were ‘fresh’ in their excitement so we really got to spend a lot of time looking. It was a lot of fun! I think I personally enjoyed this one most just because I understood what every little thing was for the most part. (The one exception was what we thought was a desert was actually supposed the be the red wood forest. There weren’t any trees so I’m not really upset about not getting that one! ha)

The girls ready to start our adventure at Miniature Wonderland!

An old west town! Did I mention the attention to detail was incredible?


One funny thing we caught was a Sounder Train (native to the Seattle area — our home) was cursing around in Florida. Silly train! About as far away from home as it could get!

Princess was simply in awe. Also pictured is the ‘Red Wood Forest’ that looks more like that grand canyon to me. Whatever. Do you see the planes?

Let me apologize for not having better zoom (or knowing how to use it better, I supposed) on my camera and having 3 little ones pulling me 3 different ways. 😉 There is a handsome woodsman cutting down a tree. The tree actually falls down. It is awesome. I also just noticed it looks like Big Foot is hanging out in the this shot too!

The girls loved Mt. Rushmore. I am thinking we’ll need to take them to the real-life version! I think if I remember right they said Mt. Rushmore took approximately 8,000 hours to make.

The girls loving life!

Mr. was the first one to spot this little gem! Area 51!

Underground at Area 51!

Sea World! I guess they need to clean their pools out, huh? 😉

All through out the exhibit there were some super funny things thrown in. Do you see it in this picture? If not, look for a guy in a bath tub.


So at every exhibit through out the whole place there was a rotation between day and night! It was so amazing! This is Las Vegas which was totally more fun at night than during the day! The girls thought it was Paris! ha

During the night time we noticed that the rocket had taken off! It was pretty cool!

Enjoying the night scene. I am now noticing this is actually across on the Hamburg side. Well, then, onto Hamburg!

The sun coming up over Hamburg!

I can’t even express the attention to detail enough! Even the building all have something going on inside of them!

I’m sorry I don’t have more commentary for Hamburg. I am not entirely sure what everything is supposed to be, but it sure was pretty!

Truly a port town!

This fire even had fake smoke coming out of it!

This stadium was huge and had so many details. It was another one of those pieces that they spent thousands of hours on!

The stadium at night!

These people (and little dog) were actually ice skating! It was really neat!

So we kept hearing all these weird nosies and then we finally discovered that apparently somewhere in Hamburg there is a zoo! We saw the model version anyway!

Another zoo view!

So we saw a scene almost exactly like this from our hotel window! It was our entertainment on a cold, windy, and rainy Sunday!

Next up Scandinavia!

Still having fun!

Tulip Festival!

More of the Tulip Festival!

More of the Tulip Festival. I want to go. And I hope this is real.

A circus!

Underground Kingdom. Andy thinks it is supposed to be Atlantis!

Scuba Diving Cows.

And Mr. Whale taking a flower home to his wife…

I believe this part has real water. And there were boats cruising around on it! Super fun!

A day at the beach!

Beach goers.

It gradually transitioned into the winter portion. It wasn’t literally the beach next to this. Promise. But here are some people polar bearing.

This was the most snow I’ve seen all year!

These snowmen spun around, danced, and lit up. Lots of fun!

Ice Hotel! At this point it was night again. The sign was hard to see/get a picture of during the day. 🙂

Ice Hotel at night!

Ice Hotel during the day!

Central Germany exhibit! The description said that this is a random, unnamed town in Germany. I think it isn’t supposed to be a particular town, but rather a collection of what Central Germany is like!

A festival!

Festival time in Germany! And yes, they are usually that crowded if not more so!

Bug noticed this little critter from Ice Age on a little visit to Germany.

Just wouldn’t be Germany with out a castle on the hill!

This one. ha What to say. There is a dead guy in the river in case you were wondering. Only in Germany.

I love these style of houses!

Still happy and loving it!

And someone else was done having to only look at all the cool ‘toys’ that she wasn’t allowed to touch!

Austria! I wish I could have continued to take a million pictures of each exhibit, but starting at this exhibit I was mostly just walking through quickly and taking pictures if I could. We’ll just have to go back. 😉

The Alps! Can’t wait to see these in real life! Soon I hope!

Time for Switzerland! Briefly, unfortunately. This exhibit actually spanned two stories!

Swiss Alps!

I know this isn’t an exciting picture. I wanted to share, though, to show just how BIG this display is. See how it is even taller than the guy standing next to it? Oh and I should mention this is a view from the 2nd floor of the display…

… and it goes all the way down to the first floor! Not to mention the detail! wow!

A view down to the first floor of the Switzerland display. We just didn’t get down there. We were on a mission to just ‘see’ things at this point before heading to lunch. Such is life with kids! It was also starting to get a little busy and more crowded which made it tougher to keep track of the kids, too.

The airport exhibit! I believe this is one of their newer ones. I think they were working on an Italy one that has yet to be opened, too. I believe they have quite a bit of expanding planned over the next few years!

Taxi, anyone?

Heading into the main terminal.

The planes!

There was also another display that was a little different. It was broken up into smaller boxes and each was a depiction of German at a certain period in time. It was really fun to walk through Germany through out the years! Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of those ones.

After finishing up looking at the exhibits we headed to their cafe for lunch! Have I mentioned that we love German food? Andy and I had currywurst for lunch which has to be one of our favorites! After eating we also discovered that they had a fun kid’s area so the girls got to play there for a while before we settled back into the car for the long drive to Berlin.

The eating area itself was really neat! They had airplane style chairs and pictures of little parts of the exhibits on display!

Bug inside the play area that she dubbed The Cheese Castle!

The girls playing with dinosaurs on a train play toy!


In addition to the Cheese Castle and the train the girls could climb and play on there was also a smaller ‘exhibit’ type piece where the girls could control the trains. As well, there was a little movie theater type thing that was playing episodes of Thomas the Train! So much fun!

I took so many pictures at Miniature Wonderland and there is just no way I could fit them all on here. SO if you’d like to see more, make sure to check out our Photo Share Site!
To view the entire album for an exhibit simply click on the link below:

Central Germany
Lunch and Playing

Next time: Berlin!















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