Hamburg, Germany


After having a super fun day ate the Hannover Zoo we continued on our way to Hamburg! I must admit, this was not my favorite city we’ve visited. For those of you back home, it reminded me a lot of Tacoma. It is a big, industrial, port city. Combine that with some really, really bad weather and you have a little bit of a let down. As well, it seemed like a lot of the attractions in Hamburg would’ve been more suited to us sans-children. We did have a lot of fun though!

The first excitement of our trip was that I had accidentally booked our hotel for only Mr. and two of the girls. So when we entered our room we discovered two twin beds. Nice, huh? So! We ended up upgrading to a different room. I am so glad we did! We ended up with this HUGE suite on the very top floor with huge windows giving us great views of the city! The girls had tons of room to run around and play, too, which proved very useful since the weather was not so great while we were there.

This was the ‘living area’ in our hotel room. It was actually really nice because we could put the girls to bed in a separate bedroom and stay up and watch a bunch of German TV we could barely understand!

The separate bedroom! Looking at this picture it doesn’t really look impressive, but this bed was huge. It slept four of us with lots of room to spare! Baby slept in the pack in play which isn’t pictured.

This shower/bath combo was pretty awesome. It was kind of like a built in pool in our hotel room for the girls it was that big. I ended up hating it, though, because the glass didn’t really close off the shower well and it was next to impossible to actually take a shower with out getting water everywhere outside the bath tub!

A view of Hamburg from our hotel window!

I actually took this one from our first room. The beautiful Elbe river! I think we really would’ve enjoyed Hamburg a lot more had there been better weather and we could’ve spent time walking and playing along the Elbe!

I packed some food to bring with us so we wouldn’t have to spend a fortune on eating out. This was after dinner our first night in Hamburg!

Such a silly girl! We had her tested for peanut allergies which came up negative. However, peanut butter still does not sit well with her. So we tried some Nutella recently and so far no problems. Not to mention she loves it! Yum!

Our first full day in Hamburg was on Sunday. One of the perks of Germany is that basically everyone takes the day off on Sunday. It is truly a day of rest. One of the downsides of Germany is that basically everything is closed on Sundays. Grocery stores, department stores, you name it… it is probably closed. We had a few sights we wanted to get out and see, too, but the weather was bad. The wind was so strong we could barely open and shut the car doors. SO we opted to take a driving tour of the city and see some sights.

St. Michaelis Church in Hamburg.


Another view! So pretty!


Unfortunately I didn’t get many more pictures of our driving tour. It is kind of tricky to take photos while driving! So we headed back to the hotel for lunch and naps. Then, we did a super fun thing that I have been wanting to do since we first got news that we would be moving to Germany.

We ate hamburgers in Hamburg!!

Princess still isn’t a fan of having her picture taken. Here she is, though, at The Bird in Hamburg patiently awaiting her burger!

Baby didn’t actually eat any burgers, but she still had a great time… despite what her face seems to say in this picture!

Bug and I at the Bird in Hamburg!

The burgers were amazingly delicious. The were huge. And when I say huge I mean HUGE. I couldn’t even finish mine. Another fun ‘quirk’ was that they came on English Muffins rather than hamburger buns! It was actually really good, though! And, naturally, keeping with German tradition the pomme frittes were addicting and delicious!

We spent Sunday night in Hamburg again and then had one last adventure at the Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg on Monday before heading on to Berlin! More to come soon! 🙂




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  1. In spite of your not being too impressed with Hamburg (and the weather) it sounds like you guys always make the best of it! Imagine hamburgers in Hamburg!! What fun you are having and what an amazing amount of memories your are making. So proud of you guys for taking it all on – so many would use 3 little ones as an excuse not to explore and theyby missing so much!

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