Hannover Zoo!


This past weekend we got away for our first big road trip since we’ve been in Germany. Had it just been Mr. and I, I think this trip would have happened sooner. Vacationing with three kids, especially three young kids, is a big task. I honestly think it was more work to go on vacation than to stay home! None the less, it was well worth it. We had such an fun time getting away and exploring! I think I have about 5 million pictures to share. And to go with that will be many, many blog posts! There is just way too much fun stuff to try and pack it all into one blog post.

We started our big journey bright and early Saturday morning. Originally we were planning for this to be a shorter trip over a long weekend. Then, we found out we weren’t getting the long weekend so we’d take a little leave. Then, we weren’t able to do some of the early vacation time we’d hope so we decided to make this a big leave. All that to say, it seems ridiculous we chose to be out and about on a weekend but it happened. We were headed to Hamburg, but that is a 5 hour drive from our house! So we decided to stop somewhere along the way. The Hannover Zoo caught my eye! It has won many, many awards and I believe it after visiting. It is easily the best zoo I’ve ever been to in my life. (So friends in Germany with kids make sure you get there!) This zoo probably didn’t have the mass amount of animals that some of the other zoos I’ve been to have had, BUT the exhibits were out of this world. There were some animals that we were able to get so close to that I’ve never see so close before at other zoos. Their exhibits were top quality and I really felt like we were at more of an amusement park than a zoo. You would move into a region of the world and feel like you were actually stepping in there.  And I think we got a great, close up view of every animal even though it was kind of a cold day out! (The poor weather was really a blessing in disguise since it meant there weren’t crowds!)

I took hundreds of pictures that day! It was so, so, so much fun! I wish it were closer (and cheaper) so we could go back more often!! All that to say, there is no possible way I can post ALL the pictures from the Zoo on this post. So, if you’d like to see them all CLICK HERE and view the album on our photo share site.

Heading into the zoo Bug spotted this sign and there was no going back! She could not WAIT to get to the tiger!

Quite possible THE best bathroom sign I’ve ever seen in my life.

The girls at the zoo!

Just a few inches of glass between us a beautiful tiger. Nothing short of incredible.

Pretty amazing, right? Baby was sitting there in the stroller. I think the tiger was trying to decide if she’d make a good snack!

We got pretty close to some lions too!

No zoom needed on this one. I could have reached out and touched this ostrich. Literally about 3 feet away from me!

A small part of the HUGE exhibit for this Polar Bear. There was also an underwater viewing area. This was the Yukon area. We ended up eating lunch in this area. It was super fun!

Another thing I loved about this exhibit was that the water had waves just like the real ocean would! It was really neat!

I think Baby may have pushed her own stroller as much as she rode in it! It was a great time to get out of the car and stretch our legs!

I think this was the first time I’ve ever seen a Rhino in the flesh before. It was pretty cool!

So many elephants! And lots of babies! You can see the tiniest babies bum in the middle of the herd with it’s mother in the back. The other two elephants were grooming her. I think we counted about 10 elephants total!

This dude was off all by himself and we soon figured out why. He was ready to populate the world! Thankfully the girls didn’t notice as we quickly whisked them off to the other part of the exhibit. Not exactly ready to have the birds and the bees talk just yet.

Baby and the elephants!

Pretty girl strolling along!

So somewhere between Hannover and Hamburg we stopped for gas and discovered this little gem. I have no idea what it even is, but it was surprisingly detailed for an upside down house!

Really, like I mentioned before, this is a small fraction of all the pictures I took so definitely use the link above and view the full album.

Oh. Oh my. I almost forgot. The drive to Hannover was actually quite eventful as well. Remember how when we went to Triberg Princess got sick in the car just shortly before we got there? Well, we were about 1 hour away from the zoo and Bug lost her breakfast just as Princess had done a few days before. Only this time it smelled so bad. I am talking that Baby, who was sitting next to Bug, started losing her breakfast from the smell. Mr. was about to as well (thankfully he didn’t since he was driving), but thankfully there was an exit right after it happened. We cleaned them off, cleaned the car the best we could, and continued on our merry way with out any more barf incidents the rest of the trip. I guess they just all felt the need to break in the car. So, today Mr. has been diligently scrubbing the car and carseats in attempts to remove the stench of barf from our car. It also was parked under a tree that was apparently a bird-toilet in Hamburg, too. It definitely needs scrubbed inside and out. Our poor car really got put through the ringer.

Can’t wait to share more about our vacation soon!

















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  1. You’re right – that is a fantastic zoo. Hearing about the barfing reminds me of one night we were coming home from a drive-in movie and your dad barfed on the car carpet (he was around 6) and it took forwever to get that smell out – luckily it was summer and we could drive with the windows open!!

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