Triberg, Germany


We haven’t been traveling in quite some time! In fact, I think the last trip we took was when Mr. and I visit Köln, Germany right before Christmas. It has been cold, life has been easy, and we just haven’t. We had a couple trips planned, but for one reason or another they kept having to be cancelled. So, after my birthday trip needed to be cancelled we decided to take a good chunk of leave in March (this month in case you haven’t gotten around to switching your calendar yet ha) and just have some fun! Today was our first day of travel and it was oh so fun! We had been hoping to actually make this trip yesterday, but on Sunday Bug was showing signs of the stomach flu and so we thought it would be better to stay home just in case. Joke was on us, though, because everyone was perfectly fine yesterday and Princess ended up barfing all over in the car today. Thankfully after that one moment she was perfectly fine so we are thinking maybe she just got car sick. (And thankfully it was an easy clean-up and I had brought her a change of clothes!)

Triberg, Germany is located in the Black Forest which was one of my ‘bucket-list’ places to visit while we live here. It was so beautiful and reminded us a whole lot of our home in the good, old Northwest! It is known for having one of the largest waterfalls in Germany as well as for beautiful, hand crafted cuckoo clocks.

The drive there wasn’t too incredibly long. It was good practice for some longer drives we have coming up this week. It is definitely getting easier and easier to travel with the girls as they get older which certainly is nice.

Stretching our legs after finally arriving in Triberg! What a beautiful day for an adventure!

Welcome to Triberg and the Black Forest! 🙂

Sweet sisters walking along hand in hand!

The girls ready to explore! And yes, that is a bathroom in the picture! It was kind of a big deal because it was free. For my friends who live in Germany you know how exciting that is.

Baby absolutely LOVED the river.

Can’t really blame her! It was pretty!

German architecture is never boring and usually beautiful!

Some fun statues by the parking area. Obviously these were a big hit with the girls!

A view of Triberg. Such a beautifully little small town!

Another view!

Ready for the waterfall!

So we were preoccupied loading Baby up into the hiking back pack and we looked over and there was Bug standing next to the statue pretending to be it’s miniature version. haha Never a dull moment.

Hiking with Daddy. 🙂 So glad to have him all to ourselves for the next couple weeks! Princess  barfed all over her own coat and was NOT willing to wear Mr’s sweat shirt. Thankfully Bug thought wearing Mr’s sweatshirt sounded pretty great, so Princess was able to wear Bug’s coat. We had two girls looking crazy in their oversized coats. Awesome.

Such a beautiful (and fairly easy) hike in the Black Forest!

My sweet 4 year old never lacks energy and practically ran her way up to the waterfall! She just could not wait to see it!

Daddy and his girls! 🙂


Such a pretty girl to play waterfall model. 🙂

And here comes 5 million pictures of the waterfall because it is so pretty. 🙂

My fearless little 4 year old! 🙂 She LOVED the waterfall!

Daddy and his girls at the waterfall!

The girls and I at the waterfall!

My favorite guy and I (and my favorite baby photo bomber) at the waterfall!

After the waterfall we explored the town and did some cuckoo clock shopping! We ended up with this beauty! The girls actually picked it out! 🙂

A closer view.

And even closer! It is Hansel and Gretel themed. 🙂








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